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Have We Gotta' War to Sell to You ! Have We Gotta' War to Sell to You !
by Leah Sellers
2013-05-07 10:59:51
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Here Ye !  Here Ye !  Step right up Folks !  Have We gotta’ War to Sell to You !  

That’s right !  Guaranteed to pop, sizzle and go boom !  Guaranteed to Win !

Guaranteed to make Heroes of you All.  Heck !  We’ll even throw in a few tin and gold-plated medals into the Deal to sweeten the pot !

That’s right !  Guaranteed to make You even more Enemies around the World, and even some Enemies You might not even be know about now who will Re-member that You pulled the trigger of the AR17 that killed their mom or pop, son or daughter, brother or sister.  Sure enough, there’s plenty of Hate, Blame and perpetuated Violence to go around for EveryOne.  

That’s been part of the Ole War Games since the Beginning of Time, Folks !  This is nothin’ new.  In fact, War is tried and true !  Ku-Koo-ka-choo !  What’ll You do when the War Machine comes lookin’ after You !

War’s a guaranteed Money-Maker.  The Weapons-Makers and the Earth-Shakers make a mint selling You Taxpayers Weapons to use to Kill more People with around the World.  The Earth-Shakers have figured out a pretty little scam Making Money at both ends of the Deal in order to get EveryOne else to subsidize, go to War, and help them carve out and pay for their little Corporate Kingdom Making Enterprises.  It’s a sweet Deal, Folks !  One you’ve been Dancin’ to, and Choose to keep right on Dancin’ to, for what must seem like eons.

Push this Patriotic button.  Pull a little bomb scare here and there or take advantage of People’s Fears during any stressful Economic Condition created by the very same Money-Makers and Earth-Shakers seekin’ to Make a Profit from it All, and Tah-Dah !  You’ve got yourself a fine and tasty recipe for War !

So, come on, Folks !  Step right up !  Just let the Money-Makers and Earth- Shakers and their cohorts and cronies point out your Targets for ya’ !  Let them do all the manipulatin’ while you do all of the Payin’, the Fightin’, and the Dyin’ for their Wars !  Somebody’s gotta’ do it, right ?  After all, You Chose to be Middle Class or Impoverished Losers in an Economic System that’s been Re-Arranged and Twisted to make even all of you dwindlin’ Middle Classers Impoverished.  Just face it Sequester Victims - Austerity Fools.  Your Lives and puny little Life’s Problems just aren’t as important as the Money-Makers and Earth-Shakers who fly the UnFriendly skies above you or hurry onto their planes ahead of you.  So, stop complainin’ !  Don’t be sad.  Get mad, and Buy yourself some Fireworks !

You like Fireworks don’t you ?  Woo-oo-wee !  Do We have some Fireworks for You !  Poppin’ bullets whirlin’ out of one hundred cartridge magazines non-stop.  Til you run out of ammo that is.  But don’t let that worry you none.  Heck, you buy one rifle and one magazine from Us today, and we’ll throw in an extra magazine for half-price.  That’s a one time offer though, which will expire within the next minute.  But don’t worry these little beauties at full price are worth every copper penny and green-backed dollar you pay for ’em.

And there’s nothin’ prettier than watchin’ all of the bright and shiny bullet casing’s fly around in the air everywhere, and catch a glint of the sun as they get spit out onto the ground.  Just a little added hype for you Artistic types.

Looky here, Folks !  We’ve gotta a bunch of Grenades that go bang, and take down the sides of Homes in nothing’ flat !  Just imagine all of those Enemy Kiddies and their dust covered Mommies and Daddies runnin and coughin’ out of your handiwork like cockroaches !  Watch ’em scatter and hide !  What a sight !

And Missiles and Missile Launchers, and Planes and Helicopters with Missile Launchers 1  Woo-woo-wee !  Now, we have got the top of the line, A-One Quality explodin’ Missiles, and the Land, Air and Ocean Weapons and Crafts that launch them.

Wanna’ blow up a city block ?  Ba-boom !  Gone in an instant !  Fire, Smoke and Ash !  Gone !  Makes you feel Powerful doesn’t it ?  What a Rush !  Life and Death at the pull of a trigger mechanism or the push of a button !

Woo-woo-wee !

And Drones !  Don’t wanna get your Hands dirty ?  Get a little queasy at the sight of blood, guts and gore ?  Don’t like the look and smell of burnin‘, rottin’ bodies and body parts ?  Well, don’t worry.  Buy just one of our Lifetime Warranty Flyin’, Missile droppin’, machine gun shootin’, Eye-Spy Camera spyin’ Drones, and you’ll be sittin’ pretty Playin’ War Games at a distance.  In the air conditioned and comfortable surroundings of your own home.

And Chemical Weapons !  We’ve got everything from baking soda and vinegar to ricin and saran.  Not to mention a few little bugs and plagues in test tubes to deliver to you through the Mail.

And let’s not forget Nukes, and Nanobots, and Lasers and Portable Microwave Weapons that give a whole new culinary perspective to cookin’ things from the inside out.  Or is that the outside in ?

Here Ye !  Here Ye !  Step right up, Folks !  Have We gotta’ War to Sell to You !

You’ve got the Money, folks !  You’re out of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld (and Others) Fiasco called the Iraq War (although you’ll be payin’ the tab for that one for quite some time to come) !  You’ve got one foot and one big toe out of Afghanistan !

It’s the Perfect Storm Time to invade Syria and show those People who’s Boss !  Come on, Folks !  Let’s win one for the Gipper !  Or was that Let’s get stranded on an Island with the Skipper ?

Anyways, either way, open your coffers and your puny little pockets wide.  Let the Wealth flow all Our way, and We’ll get your Corpses rollin’ Your way at Spitfire speed.

Go in and get ’em !  Chew ’em up and spit ’em out !  Pick their remains out of your teeth with what’s left of their shattered bones !

It’s a Win-Win Wheel Spin !  Let the Money pour like hot, searing, scorching molten Lava all over the World !  Hades !  Let it blow !  And let the War Games Begin Again, And Again, And Again, And again……….!!

Ching !  Ching !  There’s a Sucker born every Minute of the Day !  That’s why We always come back Your way !  Humanity is an easy Mark for War, and that’s just Good Business for Some, but not The Many.


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