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Internet choices for May 2013 Internet choices for May 2013
by The Ovi Team
2013-05-01 10:26:43
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Let’s talk music. Let’s talk about opinion on music. Let’s hear what is heard. This month Ovi magazine chooses music sites and blogs. This time we are going to rock but soon Ovi is going to jazz or waltz.

Blog of the month: It's Fluffy

"Only the best music on the net"

It's Fluffy® aims to seek out and bring to its users' attention high quality music new or old. The website's main goals are simple: Bring together music enthusiasts so that they may contribute their views.  Share our thoughts with a wider audience - that's YOU! To NOT take ourselves too seriously.

Furthermore, in line with this generally quite light-hearted approach, It's Fluffy aims to entertain its viewers by scouring the internet for so-called "Fluffiness" (and also by making fun of itself and mainly its founder in whatever way possible)



For more interesting links check, HERE!   


Interesting site: Wolfgang's vault

There’s only one place you can hear Bill Graham introduce the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East, Muddy Waters with just an acoustic slide guitar on a hot Newport night in 1969, or the amazing richness ofCount Basie and His Orchestra in 1959. It’s not heaven, though it may feel like heaven to rock music purists. It’s the Concert Vault, the world’s greatest collection of vintage concert recordings.

Where does it come from? In 2003, Wolfgang’s Vault acquired master recordings from the archives of Bill Graham Presents. These live concerts were recorded at legendary venues like the Fillmore East and Winterland between 1965 and 1999. Since then we’ve acquired over a dozen more collections - some large, some small, all of them compelling, spanning a wide spectrum of musical genres.


For more interesting links check, HERE!   

Blog of the month: Kings of A&R

Throughout the last decade, Kings of A&R has helped hundreds of artists worldwide land licensing deals, endorsements,  publishing deals, and major record deals with companies including Disney, Lava, Atlantic Records, Universal, Warner Brothers, EMI, Epic, Virgin, Republic, J Records, Island Def Jam, Wind-Up, Roadrunner, Mercury, Interscope, A&M Octone, Glassnote, Columbia, RCA, and various indie labels.

Kings of A&R has been recognized as a music industry leader by UK’s Financial Times, CNN, Billboard Magazine, Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as daily newspapers around the world. Kings of A&R is operated and owned by Dean Cramer who has worked and consulted for major & indie music labels as well as artist management firms.


For more interesting links check, HERE!   

And Photo of the month: lonely lake


For more Photos, HERE!


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