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Quantum Palmistry: The "M" Constellation Quantum Palmistry: The "M" Constellation
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-05-03 10:02:51
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Now that we have discussed the fields that influence our paths in life, the next few articles will focus on how to read multiple lines in what we could call constellations.

palm01_400_05The first of these constellations is the "M" constellation seen in diagram "A". The "M" constellation is made up of the life line , wisdom line, heart line, and fate line. This constellation merges our emotional disposition from the heart line, our energy from the life line, our awareness from the wisdom line, and our disposition towards opportunity derived from the fate line. Together these four lines construct specific areas within the hand that have meaning and point to our destiny within the our career domain.

Generally speaking, it isn't easy to see the "M" constellation clearly, especially when the fate line is weak. It may only be in your 30s that the fate line developed on your hand to complete the construction of your "M" constellation. Now there is something very important here to understand. The lines making up the "M" constellation should be longer than the "M" itself. If the lines stop at the "M", then this could have some negative interpretations.   

Let's look at each of the lines individually before making any holistic interpretation.

The Fate Line: The fate line between the heart and wisdom lines may only appear between the age of 35 to 55. Without this line you may experience difficulty with your career. You may not be able to seize the opportunities, or even see them at all. The "ball doesn't roll your way" so as to speak. If the fate line stops at the heart line, one may expect a difficult marriage.

The Heart Line: When the heart line ends at the intersection of the fate line, this indicates self centeredness. When the heart line runs past the fate line, this indicates concern and care for others.

The Life Line: Indicates your energy and power. A strong line indicates plentiful energy, while a weak line indicates the opposite. When the life line is well curved one would expect that person to be successful economically.

The Wisdom Line: If the wisdom line ends at the fate line, then a person tends to be impatient. When the wisdom line runs past the fate line, that person will tend to think carefully about matters, conservative, and patient.

palm02_400Holistic Reading: This combination is very important to your career. A strong "M" constellation indicates success in whatever you should choose to do. Remember here, that the "M" constellation develops on your hand and may be very difficult to see in your youth, but become more pronounced during your working career. The "M" constellation therefore reflects your experience and wisdom in the domain you have selected as a career.

Alternatively, if the "M" constellation doesn't appear on your hand in your early career, this may indicate that you are not interested in this profession, or that you are not suited to it. However as you become more committed and dedicated to your job, the "M" constellation will begin to appear much stronger on your hand.

Now let's look at the spaces between the lines.

If you refer to diagram B, the area vertically shaded between the heart and wisdom lines is very important in the construction of the "M" constellation. If it is too narrow, then one will find it very difficult to develop your personal skills and competencies related to your chosen career. However if it is too wide, then there is likely to be some obstacles in their career. A synergistic curve is the optimum as this indicates you have a balance of skills well suited to your chosen profession.

If you take a look at the horizontally shaded triangle inside the intersections of the life, health, and wisdom lines, one can get an indication of your social disposition. For example, a person with a small triangle space would tend to be introverted, while a person with a large triangle space will tend to be extroverted. Generally speaking the larger the triangle, the higher the chances of success. However this in itself may not always have any direct relation with success or failure as some occupations in art, science and research may suit an introverted person.

This triangle helps us to choose which type of career we may be suited.

The "M" constellation is the first group of lines we have looked at. The line constellations show how different aspects and attributes of our lives all influence and synergize to determine our destiny. Our lives are not singular, they are complex and the constellations indicate this.

There are multiple variables that make our destiny. The "M" constellation is a major force on this destiny because it is composed of very powerful lines. Next week we will start looking at some of the minor constellations.


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