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A Daddy, His Daughter and A Dandelion A Daddy, His Daughter and A Dandelion
by Leah Sellers
2013-05-02 11:37:18
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“Daddy !  Daddy !  Look !  A Fuzz-Ball Flower !”  The Little Girl ran gleefully and purposefully toward the bobbing Dandelion and quickly bent down to pluck it up.

The Daddy tuned to tell His Daughter to hurry, because the rest of The Family had already entered the Restaurant.  And his stomach was already growling.

But, as he turned to admonish His five year old Daughter to hurry along, he Discovered her staring up at him with Wonder and Joy in her sparkling Eyes.

“Daddy, it tickles my nose,” His Daughter giggled with delight.  “Watch, Daddy !  Watch !”

And His Daughter puffed up her cheeks and blew steadily upon the Dandelion until all of its Feathery Parachute Seedlings were delicately floating all around Her adrift upon the warm sunlit air.

Laughing, His Daughter began to whirl and twirl around and around in a chain of spiraling circles brushing as many of the Feathery Seedlings with her Hands and little Body as she could until they all seemingly disappeared into the tall, cool, bright green grass all about her.

“Did you See that, Daddy ?  Did you See all of the Feathery Fairies Fly Away ?”

“Yes, Baby.  I Saw all of the Feathery Fairies all Fly Away.  But I’m glad that the Feathery Fairy standing right in front of me decided to stay.”  The Daddy leaned over and tickled His Daughter’s tummy.

His Daughter squirmed and squealed with Laughter.  “The Tickle Monster got me, Daddy.”

“And now the Tickle Monster needs to feed his grumbly tummy, Young Lady.”  Taking His Daughter’s small and Willing Hand in His, they walked toward the Restaurant and joined the rest of their Family.

Across Town, at a different Location.  A different Space in Time…..

“Daddy !  Daddy !  Look !  A Fuzz-Ball Flower !”  The Little Girl ran gleefully and purposefully toward the bobbing Dandelion and quickly bent down to pluck it up.

The Daddy impulsively and angrily strode over to His Daughter and gruffly grabbing her small hand shouted, “Let go of that nasty thing, Child !  What are you thinking ?  You’re holding up the whole Family with your Foolishness.  Everyone is waiting on you to eat !”

His Daughter’s Smile and the shine of Wonder and Joy in her Eyes disappeared.  She cringed in Fear, not Understanding what she had done wrong.  She refused to let go of her damaged Fuzz-Ball Flower.

The Daddy tightened his grip on her small, sweaty Hand and shook it roughly trying to get her to let go of the crushed Dandelion.  His Daughter’s small balled-up fist held on even more tightly.

His Daughter watched as all of the remaining Feathery Parachute Seedlings fell to the hard, dry ground beneath her feet.

“Daddy, you’re killing my Fuzz-Ball Flower !”  His Daughter cried out.

Swatting her bottom thrice, he snarled, “Don’t be ridiculous, Child.”  And without another word he drug and hauled His UnWilling Daughter stumbling behind him into the Restaurant to join the rest of the awaiting Family.

His Daughter refused to drop the wilted green-brown trunk of the Fuzz-Ball Flower from her tightly closed fist throughout the Family’s Meal.  She also refused to Eat or respond to her Family’s taunts and cajoling.  She sat Silent, Confused and Defiant.

Scientifically and Socially speaking, the Environmental Variables and the Interactive Variable Potentialities of Sowing and Reaping floating Dandelion (Fuzz-Ball Flower) Seedlings can Truly have some astoundingly Impacting and monumentally Life Forming, De-Forming and Mal-Forming Seen and Unseen (or merely overlooked and undervalued) Outcomes.  


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