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Never  Get  There Never Get There
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-04-30 09:52:51
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Dark cylinder.
Wavering torchlight.
Heavy footfalls.
You're in motion.
Unresponsive concave walls.

Long tunnel.
There's shouting
And howling laughter
And snarling soundings
Up ahead and back behind.

Here in the hollow chamber
Only angry darkness
And vicious sounds:
Wolf-like howlings,
Rat-like scratchings.

Keep tramping.
Empty footfalls.
Startled breathing.
Vacant blackness,
And growling, and shouting.

Pounding eardrums.
Pulsing emptiness.
Shouts out loud
And wretched wailing.
Running stillness, in rising waters.

Only companionless space,
Only terror from such dark, such cold.
This air will not sustain
Flight, away.
Milky waters, drowning blackness:
Your wicked fate, when you fall down.



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