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Quantum Palmistry: The Fields, Form, and Cosmos Quantum Palmistry: The Fields, Form, and Cosmos
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-04-26 09:28:30
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The real power behind the lines is the nexus between the self and the Cosmos. Thus the lines on your hand represent your relationship with the world around you. Our palm shows complexity, or at least how we feel about complexity. For example, some people have extremely complex series of lines running up and down their hands and you can be assured that the world to them is complex, full of contemplations, and full of worries and/or feelings and responsibilities. Likewise a person with fewer lines running up and down their hand feel less overawed about the complexity of the world, don't feel the weight of things around them, and may take a much less serious disposition about the world around them. So next time you go to a zoo look how many lines you see on the hands of a monkey. There are only two.

japan_400So the hand is a pictorial representation of the influence of the fields that I have been discussing and represent the energy available to us, as a person. Within this energy, which I must say here is dynamic, is our meaning in relation to both our self and the world. Meaning is energy and consequently, meaning changes according to the interactions of the fields - energy, unpredictability, imagination, and probability. Our energy manifests itself in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, self esteem, and self efficacy.

If you can manage your emotions then you will become the master of your thoughts, beliefs, self esteem, and self efficacy. And the key to managing your emotions is on the palm of your hand. The palm of your hand shows you your inner strengths and weaknesses and how they are likely to react with the world around us. The palm of your hand can be an important self management tool.

The quantum forces reflects our energy and makes form.

And how do we know form actually exists? I can only draw you to this example. Think about when you enter a room where a meetings is being held, or a room where a party is being held, or to the local dentist. Each of these rooms is space, but these spaces have different feelings about them. The atmosphere in each of them is different, nothing you can physically show, but this feeling is the manifestation of the forces you have around you in your everyday life.

What is also important is how we react to these forces. We enter a meeting and we become somber, we enter a party and we become excited, or we enter a dentist surgery and we become scared. These feelings are generated in response to the fields around us, and our feelings are the nexus of the two. We can also project our feelings into the space and change the energy within the room. The world is actually an interaction of these energies.

The above are immediate examples, but the world also has these fields that exist on a continual and changing basis. We also exist on a continual and changing basis, and the lines on our hand reflect this.

The important thing here is to see how everything is interrelated, even if it may not be connected. We see this continually changing which is represented by our changing moods, feels, and thoughts. This is the very basis of the universal law of nature that quantum palmistry is based upon where our hand becomes the gateway to the Cosmos around us.

Our survival, and success in this world is based upon how we flow with the fields. So imagine if these fields were a stream that you were swimming in. If you swim with the flow, it's very easy, but if you try and swim against the flow, then you will find it very difficult. Success and failure in life is about how we manage ourselves in this flow, and the palm is the key.

Sometimes our failure is about seeing the world differently, than it really is. If we follow an illusion of what is, we will fail. The palm helps us to distinguish our personal realities from what is illusion. The palm helps us see our personal realities.

This is the form, we make our own form and sometimes we can form the world around us. The palm is a map of our personal form, just like the map of Japan can show the form of the world, if you look closely at it. Thus the palm contains meanings that we can discover. And the most beautiful thing here is because the palm is form, and this is a quantum form, our energy changes that form, thus changing our true personal potential. Quantum palmistry helps us harness our energy so we can change the potential.

So now you understand that quantum palmistry shows our potential. This potential can be both an illusion or a reality and this depends upon the interaction of both you and the environment. Life is after all about making dreams reality, should you choose to do so.

Quantum palmistry connects us to the cosmos, through our perception of things around us, based on our own self perceptions. Quantum palmistry is very much a physiological phenomena, reflecting both self and cosmological realities.


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