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The World's Altar of Violence The World's Altar of Violence
by Leah Sellers
2013-04-23 10:51:51
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Oh, Bow to the World’s Altars of Violence
Bow and Bleed
Bow and Bleed
Bow and Bleed
Life’s Blood spilling and oozing
Into thirsty Concrete, Stone and Earth
Humankind,  inDebtedly Chain and EnSlave YourSelves
To the World’s Altars of Violence
Fill your Babes’
Minds, Hearts, Bodies and Souls
With Violence’s multitudinous Dis-eases
The rotting and rotten Ravages of War
The Pestilence of DeFormed and MalFormed
Thoughts, Emotions, Flesh and Bone and Religions
Of Hate, Avarice and Destruction
Shoot your Fathers
Gut your Mothers
Blow up and Tear apart your Son and Daughters
Burn and Blister your Brothers and Sisters
In the Name of…….
Oh, Bow to the World’s Altars of Violence
Gobble up and spew forth all of Its putrefying Sacred Cows
And while rooting about upon your Hands and Knees
With pitiful cries and Martyrs Self-Sacrificial Pleas
Look to the Light within You
Try hard to find It
And earnestly Pray for Its Ascension
Pray for the Life-Giving
Waters of Redemptive and Tender Mercies
Pray for the Divine Milk of Human Kindness and Love
Love to end all Senseless and seemingly sensible Brutalities
Enough Energetic Cosmological LoveTo crack the Altars of Violence asunder
And Rise from your aching and bloodied knees
And downtrodden Hearts and Souls as Rolling Thunder
To Stand firmly and assuredly
Within the Loving, Nurturing and Sustaining EnVisionings
Of Creating Heaven on Earth



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