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Berserk Alert! #48 Berserk Alert! #48
by Tony Zuvela
2013-04-17 10:25:52
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Get it off your chest
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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-17 13:07:58
The car of the year for radical feminists? Surely the lady deserves a compliment rather than a rebuke!

Leah Sellers2013-04-18 06:47:40
Ha ! You are such a keen Observer, Mr. Tony.
I used to always take my high-heel shoes off when driving for this very reason. However, I have never owned a pair of pink high-heeled shoes, much less driven around in them. However, I have driven around in an Oscar Meyer Weiner in my younger days. But I was wearing penny loafers at that time.
Come to think of it, your pink high heel shoes are far more fun and imaginative.

Tony Zuvela2013-04-18 12:05:48
She has good taste in shoes.Cheers,Emanuel.

Tony Zuvela2013-04-18 12:07:58
Hi,Leah.Glad you like it and that it brought back some memories for you.Cheer!:)

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