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Quantum Palmistry: Probabilities and Multiple Meanings Quantum Palmistry: Probabilities and Multiple Meanings
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-04-18 09:31:00
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As we are starting to see through these articles on quantum palmistry, the world outside is not something objective like we tend to think, and we ourselves have multiples dimensions within us. This can be seen through our changing moods and thoughts.  So from the point of view of quantum palmistry there are no absolutes, just probabilities about what could be.

So fundamentally any single reading of a palm can have multiple meanings.

Quantum palmistry offers paradoxes.  What we read as bad news, could be re-read as advice. So for example, if a palm reading tells you that you may have health issues in the future. This can also be read as advice to look after your health and avoid possible sickness in the future. So any reading has potential multiple meanings.

Take another example career. A reading may foreshadow poor career prospects for you. However you must look at the reasons behind why your hand is showing poor success in your career. This could be because of a mismatch of skills, lack of determination, poor levels of energy, and the like. So the palm reading provides you advice on where and what areas you must put your effort into so success can be achieved.  Multiples paths or realities about your future exist here, and it's up to you to choose.

A palm reading offers you probabilities, for example the potential for a career that has something to do with say art. However it's up to you to take the opportunities that come along and mould them into a certain future for yourself. So you could end up being a graphic artist, computer animator, or even kindergarten teacher. It's up to the path of destiny you decide to take.

The probabilities of which destiny you end up taking actually depends upon how you see the world around you and how you feel about yourself.  Quantum palm readings offer a window where you can jump into different scenes, depending upon the circumstances around you, you motivations, and your skills, etc.  it also depends upon how you interpret the palm.  You can see any reading from either an optimistic or pessimistic side and that actions you take will differ leading to any range of outcomes.

Motivation and aspiration changes meaning. What one person may see in a reading as an immense barrier, could be seen as an exciting challenge for another. Therefore quantum palm readings offer multiple meanings, of which it's up to you to select one.  true skill enables you to see alternative strategies for what you may want to do in your life. You have to make the choice.

For the reader it's important to interpret the palm from both the yin and the yang points of view. There are layers of meaning on the palm that may even appear to contradict, and understanding this may require some time to think about. But in there are the probabilities about what your destiny could be. You have to supply the determination, motivation, develop your skills and want to go there. In this way quantum palmistry gives us a convenient way to see how we are connected to the world.

Our individual destiny is but only one particle that makes up the world, and remember there are thousands upon thousands of different particles that we could be.

Also remember you are not stuck as being a fixed single particle, you can change your form and become someone else - changing your realities.

If you have a reading that indicates poor health, by taking precautions, you can prevent this poor health from occurring through taking specific action. You will find that the lines on your hand will also change to reflect this new reality.

This covers the four quantum fields of palmistry, energy, unpredictability, imagination, and probability and multiple meanings. All that I discuss in future articles will be based upon the conditions within each field and their interrelationships, which makes quantum palmistry interesting and very dynamic.

Next article we will head into some of the specifics.

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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-18 12:45:51
So if any readings has potential multiple meanings, all the bases are covered and the business of palm reading can go on. I wonder what a logical positivist would say about palm reading, for it sounds like quantum mechanics and perhaps palmistry and quantum mechanics are interrelated after all. That interpretation too would cover all the bases.

Eleana2013-04-18 16:21:47
Yes, I agree, very interesting and dynamic.

Leah Sellers2013-04-19 07:16:49
So true, dear, Sir.
Especially the part about our not Being fixed particles (unless we so Choose).
Since Being accidentally crippled by my high school student six years ago, and having tired of fighting to get the crippled (by the Insurance Lobbysists, Lawyers and Politicians in their pockets) Worker's Comp System of Texas to get the East Texas Educational Insurance Company to stop the multitude of senseless hearings which stood in the way of my getting the treatments and surgeries that I needed (because of Cost), I had several decisions to make.
Everyone around me kept telling me to sue tmy students Guardians.
My students Guardians took my blind and deaf student off of the streets of Mexico and adopted him as their own son. They are Noble and Honorable Human Beings. Who in their right Mind, Heart and Soul could or would sue them ?
Then I was told to sue the school at which the injury had occurred. The tax and federal monies which go to the schools need to be spent on the Children, the Teachers and needed Materials. Who in their right Mind, Heart and Soul would or could sue a school ?
If I were to sue any entity, it would be the Insurance Company which refused to be Honorable. However, no lawyer has the Courage or Will to sue an Insurance Company. It is too time consuming and costs too much.
So, since I have been using various Meditation and Prayer Practices to do Energy work within my Body to help manage my pain, and allow me to sleep relatively comfortably most evenings, so that I continue to work, I have decided to try and take my Meditative-Energy practices a step further.
I am using a sort of quantum meditation, tonal and visualization work to try and Heal myself to the point that I can once again walk without a limp and stand upright once again, lose the weight I have gained since I have not been able to be as active as I once was, and continue to manage, and hopefully extinguish the constant pain I find myself in.
The silver lining in my having gotten injured, and being left that way by the State of Texas, because of the expense of getting me fixed, is that it forced me to sit still. And while sitting still I began to Write once again.
I am determined to Change my Reality, and I am Writing(through quantum energetic meditation processes) that into my Palms with my Will and my Faith.
I only Hope that I have enough Will and Faith in the Process to see this part of my Life's Journey through to a successful and less hobbled, Outcome.
Writings and Shared Ideas like the ones in your article give me Hope.
Thank you Sir.

Eleana2013-04-19 07:17:34
That comment of yours Paparella, was plain ignorant. Shows how much of what you read you really don't understand.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-20 18:21:15
Of course what can be egregiously and easily asserted can be just as easily be ignored and found irrelevant, even slanderous.

mark seltman2013-04-22 14:26:04
Glad to see some open-mindedness with regard to palmistry. It's important for palmists to see obstacles as challenges instead of fatalistic events. It's best to be constructive and helpful and leave clients feeling hopeful. It's not always what you see, but what you say and how you say it that matters in the end. For those who are interested, here's a link to a 5 page online magazine interview in which I was featured as a palmist - http://www.refinery29.com/fortune-tellers/slideshow#slide-11

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