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An Optimistic Case for Celibacy  And an Un-Healthy Un-HealthCare System An Optimistic Case for Celibacy And an Un-Healthy Un-HealthCare System
by Leah Sellers
2013-04-27 08:00:18
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In today’s World, Celibacy is primarily viewed as a State of Being which is im-practically un-attainable.  An un-natural and punishing restriction demanded of men and women, priests, nuns, cardinals, archbishops and Popes, of the Catholic Church.

That it is un-realistic to have Human Beings Married to Christ or to The Church.  That Human Beings are incapable of subjugating their ever-present and ever-seductive sexual urges, desires, fantasies and attachments to and for a Greater Power or Greater Spiritual/Social Service to Humankind.

That pedophilia runs amuck in The Church and behind (and within) its Sacred Altars, in part, because of this im-practically un-attainable and punishing restriction on “normal Human Behavior”, and should be relented.

Now, that’s one way to address the very complex issues at Hand.  However, does The Church‘s Congregation, and the World View truly Understand the Values of Celibacy ?  That Being Celibate demands a steely Discipline of the Self in Service to Some Thing Cosmically and Humanitarianly Greater than the Self, and in Service to Others.  

If The Church‘s Congregation, and the World View really comprehend the Value of a Human Being being Married to their God, their Christ, their Madre de Dios y Christos, their People, and having their sole Purpose in Life to Be the Self-Sacrificing, Other Serving, Benevolent. Compassionate Uplifting and Healing of their Church and their Flock.  Then perhaps they should start considering and focusing upon hiring the Dis-abled.

Especially, if those Dis-abled possible clerical hirees are Un-Insured; are too Poor to pay for the all too expensive medical treatments for the Healing they desperately Need and long for out of pocket.  Particularly, if those Dis-abled have a back or hip injury.

Why an Un-Attended to and/or Un-Treated back or hip injury ?

Well, the excruciating Pain related to back and hip injured Dis-abled Folks is something they experience daily just moving around to do the simplest tasks (dressing themselves, sitting down, standing up, limping around…etc.), and render them incapable of sex acts.  It would solve the Church’s difficulties with sexual indiscretions and pedophilia.

Not to mention the fact, that some Dis-abled Folks with a smattering modicum of Intelligence have a tendency to Use their Brains more frequently and with greater Clarity, Insight and Wisdom.  They become more Contemplative, more Humble, more Empathic and Sympathetic in general.  They become more Self Disciplined, because it takes a tremendous Act of Will to just roll out of bed each and every morning to meet the Needs of Others, and make enough Moo-lah to keep a roof over their heads, food on their tables and clothes on their backs.  Particularly if they are struggling not to go on the Government Dole, but to remain Independently Sustainable.

Because Dis-abled Folks are seen as an Un-Wanted and Un-Necessary Liability of Pre-Existence.  And so are more readily dis-appeared into a Status of Non-Existence. 

The medically Un-treated Disabled Folks, who may have once been ever-moving and doing Social Butterflies probably find it easier to withdraw from physically active or demanding things that may become an Energy draining distraction.  Just another handy attribute to have in order to help diminish the overall behaviors of budding sexual indiscretions or pedophilia within the Church.

Another consideration is that Disabled Folks suffering in Pain every moment of the day tire out faster and sooner than most other Folks do.  After Work they have no Energy left for extra curricular activities.  

Also, Dis-abled Folks in constant never ending Pain age faster, wear out faster and die faster.  So, The Church won’t have to worry about their Un-Insured and Un-Treated Dis-abled priests, nuns,…etc. retirement expenditures.  It would be an eventual huge monetary savings for The Church.  Ching-ching !

No matter how you look at it, hiring Un-Insured, Un-treated Dis-abled Folks due to the ramifications and Ripple Effects/Affects of today’s Un-Healthy Un-HealthCare System is a Win-Win proposition.

The Church can give the Dis-abled Folks a Noble purpose in Life while protecting them from the cruel and lonely ravages of eventual Homelessness and Carelessness.  And resolve its own Fears and Issues with the normal difficulties of a Life of Celibacy.  Which some Fools Think (or Un-Think) automatically leads to pedophilia (whether it be straight or gay pedophilia).

Ta-dah !  Just an Observational and Optimistic Pro-posal from an Un-Insured, Un-Treated (due to a very dysfunctional and corrupted Un-Affordable and Un-Healthy Un-HealthCare System, because ObamaCare has not fully kicked in yet) Dis-abled Protest-ant.


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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-27 08:17:02
Indeed Leah, within a virtue based ethical theory, to make virtue out of necessity is no virtue at all, as thoroughly pointed out by both Aristotle and Kant’s ethical theories. Kant, in fact, makes a crucial distinction between the universal categorical ethical imperative (making ethics possible) and the hypothetical ethical imperative: the former is based on freedom of choice, universality and good intentions, the latter on natural necessity. It is no virtue to die of thirst in a desert for lack of water, but it would be virtuous to give up one’s water so that others may live or to sacrifice one’s life in a ship-wreak so that others may get in the life-boat.

A good example of such a distinction is the recent award winning Oscar nominated movie “The Sessions,” starring John Hawkes and Helen Hunt. It is based on the true story of Mark O’Brien, a poet who, because of polio, is paralyzed from the neck down, breathes through an iron mechanical lung but is capable of having an erection but is celibate, not by choice but by necessity. Having intuited the Kantian distinction between categorical and hypothetical ethical imperatives Mark decides to lose his virginity to a sex therapist, Cheryl. Being a Catholic he first clears this rather bold project of his in confession with Fr. Brendan, who although reluctant at first gives his blessing to the enterprise consisting of six sessions of sexual intercourse with the sex therapist. Perhaps Fr. Brendan too has intuited that virtue imposed by necessity is no virtue? One wonders. He certainly feels compassion for Mark and in some way seems to admire the fact that Mark does not seem intimidated by either religious dogmas nor his own fears.

One may also wonder what Church bashers, from Voltaire on down, opine on this approval by the priest. Is it damned if you do and damned if you don’t? Well, I’ll refrain from giving away too much of the movie’s plot for those who may not have seen it yet. Suffice to say here that in real life O’Brien died at the age of 49. In the movie he gets a Catholic funeral mass with all the women in his life attending, including the sex therapist, and Fr. Brandon delivering a wonderful eulogy. Food for thought here!

Leah Sellers2013-04-29 06:33:56
Brother Emanuel,
You tickle me, sir. Once again you choose one part of the theme to dispute as an intellectual exercise (and I do believe in the inherent good within all forms of exercise), and miss the complexities of the work and play within the Work as a whole (sigh).
Also, thanks for the tip on the movie. I'll keep an Eye out for it.
And, dear Sir, Virtue and Ethics existed long before Aristotle and Kant. They just got the historical hype and credit for sorting them out in writing.
Also, there is no Church bashing intent in this piece. Rather, and merely, a Play with (and within) the Workings of various Experiential Life Realities.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-29 12:16:20
Nor was any such intent alleged Leah. Bashing of the Church has gone on from time immemorial, perhaps you’d agree and it becomes particularly virulent after Voltaire and the era of the Enlightenment, about which I continue to insist that it still needs to enlighten itself . I simply used a recent movie to make my point on the conundrum of the prohibition of sex outside of marriage, as forbidden by the Church, and an unconventional Catholic priest who gives his blessing to it in this particular case and wondered how would those who harbor biases against the Church would resolve such a conundrum as exemplified in O’Brien. You will have no doubt have noticed that by implication of what I write I am in agreement with you that priests who enter the Church conceiving it as a closet in which to hide their homosexuality or with the idea of engaging in sex (with minors or adults, male or females) after taking a solemn vow of celibacy before God, ought to be promptly defrocked; they are not worthy priests, for they are making virtue out of necessity. Virtue is and remains free and universal as surely the majority of humankind has always intuited, and as you rightly point out; neverthless it remains useful to read Aristotle and Kant’s ethical dissertations to clarify such a universal intuition via reason.

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