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Quantum Palmistry - The Invisible force of unpredictability Quantum Palmistry - The Invisible force of unpredictability
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-04-10 10:14:31
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We naturally try to maintain stability and predictability in our live through rituals and routines we develop.

However the world we live within is very complex where events often occur unexpectedly. Some events are pleasant surprises, although most events cause us stress and worry.

As we flow through our lives, we do so without the foresight to predict our eventual destiny. We cannot be totally sure whether we will end up happy, sad, rich or poor, destitute or living a luxurious life, or healthy or sick. What results in our life is the result of complex forces of which we have little real understanding.

How predictable is our life? Do you even know what mood you will be in tonight? Do you know what you will feel like having for lunch tomorrow? Do you know whether your personal relationships will bring you happiness or anguish? Do you know where you will end up in your career? 

Predictability is directly related to what we can control. Therefore all the forces we cannot control brings the unpredictability in our life.

The first field is health. The healthier you are the more control you have over your life. Health also infers strength, vitality, and wellness. These are all attributes that empower you. In contrast, someone who lacks good health will have much less power over the environment they live within and as a consequence live a much more unpredictable life.

The second field is your mind. The mind comprises you knowledge, reasoning, creativity, determination, and emotions. Therefore someone who thinks about the future strategically, is creative in solving problems and has strong emotional intelligence will tend to have a more predictable life than someone who lacks these characteristics.

The third field are your resources. The more resources you have, the more control you have over your life. For example, if you want to start-up a new business and be successful, you must have the required resources and finance to be able to make it happen. Those without adequate resources will find it very difficult to bring predictability in their lives.

The forth field is space. Space is about being in the right place with the right time with all the other forces providing you with a positive disposition. This is what many people would call chance or luck, but in fact, it's the interrelationships of these four forces that bring you this "luck".

The space dimension has the greatest influence on fate and predictability.

So the above fields create four basic types of individuals.

The first, is a person with strong overall talents and  abilities with a very positive fate outlook into the future. This of course is a rarity within the population. Very few people have this disposition. They must have the relevant skills, possess the right types of personality, be very astute to seeing potential opportunities, and know the right people to get things done. They also have the propensity to be in the right place at the right time.

The second type of person is one with strong abilities with a weak fate outlook in the future. This a more common disposition in society today. Most people fit into this category. So many people have skills and qualifications, but their careers and lives rarely become spectacular successes, no matter how hard they try. We could say that their 'technical know how' is strong, but maybe their 'technical know who' is weak. These people find difficulty in being in the right place at the right time, with the right knowledge.

The third is a person of average abilities with strong fate outlook. This is also a rare disposition. Not many people actually fit into this category. These are people who have the knack of spotting real opportunities. They may not have the necessary skills and abilities to exploit this opportunity, but they know where to acquire them or they are very fast learners. So we could say that these people are in the right place at the right time, without the right knowledge, but they can get this knowledge very quickly.

The forth is a person with poor abilities, with a poor fate outlook. In society we call these people "losers'.  Nobody wants to be a loser. The difference between a loser and somebody in the third category is having faith in your own ability to grow with the opportunities you seize upon.  However to transform up to the third category, a person must learn how to see opportunities. So this type of person, is in the right place at the right time, but they don't know it. Alternatively, they may be in the right place at the right time, but lack the self confidence to take the gamble and go with the opportunity.

So how can we see these things through palmistry?

Look to the life line to see the energy you have. Energy drives everything, energy through our emotions motivates us. And most importantly life energy changes during our life cycle. This energy is closely related to our health. A strong life line indicates a powerful reservoir of energy that you can tap to achieve you goals and aspirations. A weak life line indicates that your energy reservoir is low and that you may have low energy reserves to draw upon to pursue your goals in life. If this is the case, you must work on building your basic energy levels. Looking at the life line we can actually see the peaks and troughs of our potential energy levels during our life. You may have little energy in you teens but this grows strong in middle age, etc.  The line changes over your life, so a weak line can become a strong one. And please remember this, you have the power to change this by focusing on building up your personal energy levels.

The wisdom line is directly related to our cognitive abilities, knowledge and even creativity. If the wisdom line is long, then a person should have potentially very powerful cognitive abilities. The mind line is very important as it shows both how we can potentially handle our relationship s and the passion that we may have for pursuing opportunities that we may identify.  The marriage line hints at timing. It tells us when to prepare, at what time opportunities may occur. The marriage line not only indicates marriage but also the linkage to life opportunities and happiness.

If you ask any person how they became successful, most will tell you that they were lucky. But in quantum palmistry, chance and luck is dependent upon you, it's not an divine or esoteric result in life. Chance and luck depends upon your personal talents and skills, your abilities to deal with others, your effort, and in being at the right place at the right time. Consequently it's a quantum thing - the sum of all these complex forces, and that is not luck. When you are ready, fate will come.  If you are not ready, opportunities will pass you by.

Our palm can show us the feasibility of doing something. However reading one's palm is not as straight forward as you might be led to believe. You hand, just like you and the world around you is extremely complex. What more, the shape of your hand and lines on your palm are always changing. So we can do an appraisal of a hand today and develop a reading, and six months later get a completely different reading.

The combined lines on your hand are a summary of the past and present and indicates possible futures, so this is why palmistry is truly a quantum phenomena because it links the past, present, and future together. The important thing here is that palmistry shows potential futures, where you have the ability to pursue anyone one of them. Destiny is not in the palm but in your. You can maximize your potential fate through the decisions and actions you take, and likewise you can minimize a poor outlook in life through the decisions and actions you take.


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Eleana2013-04-10 11:29:32
What a joy to read Dr. Yoshifumi Harada's article. I have studied palmistry on and off for the past 40 years, though not to any intensive degree. All that you say I have found to be true.
I have a very strong and long life line. I will be 71 in a matter of days and I still use a chainsaw, saw up all my own fire wood and chop it. I own 245 acres of land which I have managed single handed for the past 34 years. I was a single mother of two daughters and never missed one day of taking my children the 6 kilometres drive to the school bus; one of which put herself through university and has a Bachelor of Business degree. I am widely travelled, having travelled to more than 30 countries and lived in six. I have been a business woman owning/sole proprietor of three businesses simultaneously. I have written several books, one children’s book under my deed poll name. I also have a very strong mind, which some people resent because I am woman. I stand up for my convictions and I am not afraid of anyone. I am not a fearful person. In fact I am fearless in the face of fear. I may write about this one day, with several incidences to prove it.
My health is without impediment, except for glaucoma that was inherited from my mother’s side of the family; however at this stage it has not affected my eyesight. I haven’t had a cold or the flu’ for 35 years and I have a constitution that most would envy. My stomach is like that of a crocodile, I can eat anything and it will not make me ill. I have vomited no more than 3 times in my life, excepting when I had whooping cough as a 9 year old.
My mind is as sharp as I need it to be for my age. I joined Lumosity.com a few months ago and I frequently get 100% in accuracy and memory, 90% for speed, 80% for attention, 95 % for flexibility and 75% for problem solving.
All the lines are on my palm show what I am, what I have done and what I can still do.

Emanuel Paparella2013-04-10 13:30:47
Indeed had we no free will, then we'd be determined by the stars, or our palms, or our genes, or our history,(what Kant calls the hypothetical imperative) but since we are responsible for our actions and for our ultimate destiny (what Kierkegaard calls the existential dread) we can have an ethical life underpinned by freedom, universality and good faith (Kant's categorical imperative). Were it not so we would have to let Charles Manson out of jail. Thank you for inferring and teaching that much via palmistry Dr. Harada.

Leah Sellers2013-04-11 06:41:48
Speaking of being unexpectedly unpredictable.
What would happen if someone tried to iron out the wrinkles within their palm (other than severe burns and possible scarring) ? Now, that could confuse (as well as self abuse) the Pathways of Destiny's Predeterminations as well as the Ironing Actor's potential present and futures decision making processes. Some folks just can't seem to keep their Hands off of things. While others can't seem to ever iron things out quite right. It's all a toss of the coin. But what happens if their's no coin in your pocket to toss ? Destiny and Decisions will always prove to be a perpetually astounding conumdrum.

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