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Capitalistic Healthcare's Carnivorous Hypocrisies ! Capitalistic Healthcare's Carnivorous Hypocrisies !
by Leah Sellers
2013-04-02 10:27:08
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Capitalism, like all Systemic Energies has the capacity to Be Benevolent and/or Malevolent.

America’s present day Healthcare System continues down the crooked Pathway of Malevolence.

Health-Care.  Two words which pre-suppose a heavy sense of Responsibility and serious, watchful Attention to a Human Being’s overall general functional condition of Being free from Dis-ease or Pain, and Being of sound of Body, Mind or Spirit.

Not in America.  Health-Care is an end to the means of making tremendous Profits while Sacrificing the dwindling Middle Class, working Poor and Jobless Poor to the grinding, Life Eating, Carnivorous Machinery of today’s Money Hungry Mega-Corporations and Other Profiteering Entities (Insurance Companies, which own or share in the Profits of Pharmaceutical Companies, which own or share in the Profits of Insurance Companies, which own or share Profits with Hospitals, which own or share Profits with Insurance Companies, which own or share Profits with Clinics which own or share Profits with Insurance Companies, which own or share Profits with Medical Supplies Companies, which own or share Profits with Insurance Companies, which own or share Profits with Law Firms and Lobbying Groups, which own or share Profits with Insurance Companies….etc).  Ching-ching !  Ding-a-ling !

Americans are constantly assured and ensured that this existing damaging overall UnHealthy Un-Health-Un-Caring systemic pattern should be re-assuring and re-insuring for one and all (as they continue to raise the rates and medical costs of everything and everyone every time someone sneezes or gains a pound).   Ah-chooo !

The Affordable Care Act (Obama-Care) is slowly, ever so slowly, beginning to take effect and try and make Benevolent Capitalistic Changes to the overall American Un-Health-Un-Care System, but it is still working against some very long standing, persevering and powerful Corporate Entities.  Corporate Entities which seek to put every lawyer, lobbyist, local, state and national politician and judge that they can into their very plump, and heavy laden Pockets.  In fact, they even lure them in by offering them shares or outright leadership roles in their Un-Health-Un-Care Enterprises.  Ching-ching !  Ding-a-ling !

The present Cannibalistic American Un-Health-Un-Care System has (and still is) very negatively effecting/affecting a multitude of American Citizens as a result of the American God - Money (Ching-ching-a-ling).

For example, a Teacher who was accidentally and seriously injured by one of her students, was told by people in charge to trust in the school’s Texas Workers Compensation Insurance program for the proper HealthCare treatments and procedures which would bring about the return of her once good health and active lifestyle.  Only to find herself perversely converted from a Patient to a Litigant at one stalling WC hearing after another (which led to other tedious and stalling hearings one after the other) for over six years, because the East Texas Educational Insurance System did not want to have to pay for the expensive surgeries involved in repairing her back and left hip.  Rather they just wanted the One-time Teacher to load up on pain pills Be Quiet and Go Away.

Well, she refuses to participate in the Game-playing Texas Worker’s Compensation System (and their endless hearings) anymore.  Refused all along to allow them to turn her into a Pill Popping Pill-Head-Dead-Head, and instead has decided to hobble painfully along and Will and Force her Body to move and work for her and Others for as long as she can, until she can actually afford to get HealthCare Insurance once again, when ObamaCare finally kicks in, in 2014.

She knows that she is now over six years older and crippled.  That every year her health has deteriorated more and more since the accident.  She knows that in the American Work Force that she is seen as a Liability.  But as Fortune would have it, a Family member, who knows her capabilities, talents and work ethic hired her to help Others in Need.  And Placing her in a role in which she Needs to Be There for Others has been immeasurably helpful for the One-Time Teacher as well, because knowing that Others depend upon her has kept her moving and physically active (although not nearly as active as she used to be) as she goes about her daily duties for Others.

Then just the other day, the One-Time Teacher got wind of some very interesting - very telling - very incensing news.

It appears that the CVS pharmaceutical company has decided to punish its employees who are overweight or in poor health.  They intend to place them on Wellness Programs.  If they fail to meet the standards set for them or refuse to participate in the Program, they will have $600.00 (more or a little less) taken out of their overall pay checks to pay for their Un-Health-Un-Care Insurance.  They will be punished for not meeting CVS’s/the Family Pharmaceutical Company’s (and their Insurance Company’s) Wellness Standards.  Ching-ching !  Ding-a-ling !

The Texas Worker’s Compensation System has been gutted into near non-existence by the Republican ruled Texas State Government, and its Insurance lobbyists and lawyers (and all of their Special Interests).  So, that it cannot adequately protect the Injured Employees of Texas who might run up a Bill in the overcharging doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmaceutical outfits (like CVS) of America.  Leaving these UnFortunate Folks to be sick and/or crippled Non-Hirable Liabilities.  But these same Entities and Other Corporate Entities can then turn around and punish Others by taking more Money out of their already very meager and stagnated incomes for not correctly jumping through the Un-Health-Un-Care hoops they throw in their direction.  And that with a the flick of a pen, and the shuffling of a piece of paper, or the click of a mouse, and the rearranging of some digital data,  they can instantaneously convert those very same Faithful Employees into Un-healthy-Un-Cared For and punished Liabilities.

What’s wrong with this very Un-Healthy-Un-Caring scenario ?! 

What Capitalistic HealthCare Carnivorous Hypocrisies We the People are being Force-fed by Our Corporate Masters !  We American Human Beings are nothing more than chattel beneath the de-valuing, grinding systemic gears of De-Humanizing and Society-Eating Cost Analysis and Liabilities.  Ching-ching !  Ding-a-ling !


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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-02 12:27:34
Indeed Leah, there is a nexus between this piece and the one on the EU next to it. It would be quite easy for assorted anti-Americans to take this article and interpret it as glaring proof that the American enterprising entrepreneurial capitalistic system does not work and in fact harms the very people who need the most assistance; everything that Europe should avoid. And they will undoubtedly proceed thus perhaps even in this comment section, conveniently forgetting that the capitalistic system is now alive and well not just in Europe but in a country that declares itself officially socialistic and communistic: The People’s Republic of China; which makes it either a contradiction buttressed by false premises and arriving at the wrong conclusions, or a paradox of sorts, or simply hypocrisy, or perhaps all three.

Leah Sellers2013-04-03 18:40:20
Un-Fortunately, Dear Brother Emanuel it has Become all three. However, my (and Others) Hope in a Change for the Better once People are made aware of what Capitalism and Free Enterprise can and should not Be, and Raised to Action toward more Positive Ways, Means and Outcomes for The Many is Eternal.
Democratic Republics, when they are working properly through Toughtful and Deliberative Compromise and not filabustered and log-jammed to death are what Give (Endow), Nuture and Sustain the Voice of We the People, and the Good Will of We the People

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