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Lessons Learned On the Way Up and Down the Old Magnolia Tree Lessons Learned On the Way Up and Down the Old Magnolia Tree
by Leah Sellers
2013-03-27 10:44:05
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“Come on, Steven Cox !  Last one up the Magnolia Tree is a rotten Egg !  Pee-uw !  I can smell you already !  Cheyenne laughingly taunted.

“First one to grab the open Magnolia Blossom at the top of the Tree is the Winner, and the Loser has to do what the Winner says for the rest of the Day !”  Cheyenne’s climbing partner challenged.


“It’s a deal, Steven Cox !”

So, Cheyenne and her best friend, Steven Cox, shimmied, grunted, panted, laughed, sweated, squirmed, challenged and swung through one green-leafed branch after another.  Each Child determined to Experience the shear Joy of being the first to grab hold of the open Magnolia Blossom at the very tippy-top of the old, large Magnolia Tree which had been growing in the front yard of Cheyenne’s Family Home for what seemed like forever.

“I got it !”  Cheyenne called out with glee.  “I got it, Steven Cox, and the Blossom feels and smells wonderful !”

Cheyenne stretched her arm forward to the other side of the Tree so that Steven Cox could share in the rich, heavy scent and beauty of her hard earned Magnolia Blossom.

She was shocked and dismayed to see her best friend, Steven Cox scowling at her.

“You can’t do that,”  Steven Cox growled.

“Do what, Steven Cox ?”

“Have that Magnolia Blossom.”

“Why not ?”

“You’re a Girl !”  And with those Words still striking hard upon the eardrums and sensitive Heartstrings of Cheyenne, Steven Cox lashed out and crushing the Magnolia Blossom knocked the large snow white Flower out of Cheyenne’s bark-stained Hands.

Cheyenne watched the bruised pulp of mutilated Petals fall to the ground and land soundlessly upon the dark roots of the great old Magnolia Tree.

Speechless and Broken-Hearted, Cheyenne averted her Eyes, and carefully climbed down out of the Magnolia Tree.  She ran up the steps of her Home’s front porch, and slipped quietly through the front door, leaving Steven Cox alone to do whatever he wanted to do at the top of the Old Magnolia Tree.

It was a week before Cheyenne decided to Speak to Steven Cox again.  She had Chosen to Forgive, Steven Cox because she Loved him and enjoyed his company.  But she never climbed the Sacred Magnolia Tree in a Quest for the Sacred Magnolia Blossom again.

Thirty Years later……..

“Woo-hoo !  I’ll bet I can get to the top of the ‘Ole Magnolia Tree before you do, Tommy Cox !”

“No way, Cheylynn.  That Magnolia Blossom at the top is mine !”

And with those Words resonating between them, the two Best Friends pounced onto the wide trunk of the ‘Ole Magnolia Tree and shimmied, grunted, panted, laughed, sweated, squirmed, challenged and swung though one green-leafed branch after another.

“I got it !”   Cheylynn called out with glee.  Woo-hoo !  I got it, Tommy
Cox !  And it feels and smells wonderful !”

“Here, Tommy Cox.  You wanna Hold it and smell it ?”

Cheylynn was shocked and dismayed to see her good friend, Tommy Cox frowning fiercely at her.

“You can’t do that !”

“Do what, Tommy Cox ?”

“Have the Magnolia Blossom.”

“Why not ?  I was the First to pluck it from the Tree, Tommy Cox.”

“You’re a Girl !”  Tommy Cox answered accusatorily.

Cheylynn withdrew her outstretched arm quickly into the center of her chest protecting her prize.  Her tippy-top Magnolia Blossom.

“You’re darn tootin’, Tommy Cox !  I’m a Girl, and don’t you forget it !”

With that Cheylynn tucked the large, snow white Flower under her shirt, and climbed confidently down the Sacred Magnolia Tree with her Sacred Magnolia Blossom.

“I’m gonna float my Magnolia Blossom in one of Mama’s crystal bowls filled with water.  You wanna come inside with me, Tommy Cox, and get a cold glass of homemade lemonade ?  Mama made a fresh batch this mornin’.”

You betcha’, Cheylynn.”  Tommy Cox called down from the top of the Ole magnolia Tree.  “I’ll be right with you, Girl !  Right with you !”

It’s amazing what Being in the same Place during a different Time can do in the Lives of Girls and Boys.


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