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Roosters Purty Whipper-Snapper and The Keeper Roosters Purty Whipper-Snapper and The Keeper
by Leah Sellers
2013-03-21 10:22:10
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Cock-a-doodle-doo !  Cock-a-doodle-doo !
The two crowing Roosters flapped their wings and strutted about the large flock of peacefully clucking Hens.  All of the Hens had their beaks to the ground busily pecking here and there for whatever tasty little morsels of bugs and chicken feed they could find.
One Rooster was splendidly covered with feathers of brilliant oranges, yellows, greens, blues and blacks, bore a bright red comb, and had an unusually yellow beak and pair of legs.
The second Rooster was tall and snow white with a pale golden mane, a short red comb and a dull yellow beak and pair strutting of legs.
“He’s a real Beaut.  The one with all of the color.  He’s the one I wanna keep,”  James admitted to ’Ole Man Kalball.  “But Granny Peggy has it in her head to keep ’em both.  She says they get along pretty good for Roosters.  No blood lust for killin’ one another between ‘em.  They get into territorial fights over the hens from time to time.  You know how Cocks can bow up, fan out and dance and lunge around one another.  But their fights are more like squabbles, and their short-lived.  They’ve never even drawn blood with each other.”
‘Ole Man Kalball nodded in affirmation,  “That’s good.  Sounds like you don’t need my advice after all.”
James sighed, “Yes sir, I do.  You see, I’m sick of all of the noise two Roosters make around here.  Granny Peggy tells me that if I’m dead set on getting’ rid of a Rooster that it should be the Purty Whipper-Snapper, and that we should keep the big white one.”
‘Ole Man Kalball stared at James with squinty blue eyes and asked,  “You’re a City Boy aren’t you, James ?”
“Yes sir.  What’s that got to do with anything ?”  James popped out.
“Well, Granny Peggy’s been farming for quite awhile, James.  She knows a thing or two about Chickens.  You should follow her advice.”
“I’m lookin’ for a second opinion, sir,”  James replied politely.
“Alright, I’ll have a look at your Roosters and Hens and find out what’s what.”
Without another word ‘Ole Man Kalball began to shuffle around the barnyard asking James about this and that, but saying nothing at all about the Roosters and Hens.
In fact, James began to suspect that ‘Ole Man Kalball really wasn’t much interested in his surroundings or being there at all, and that all of his efforts with the Aged Farmer were a waste of time.
Clearing his throat, James said, “Well sir, I sure do thank you for your time today.  I’ll bet you’ve got lots of other more important things to do.  I’ll walk you to your truck.”
“Sounds good to me, James”
With that ‘Ole Man Kalball slowly turned around and headed toward his ole blue beat-up 1950’s pick-up truck.  Leaving James standing perplexed and alone (except for the Chickens, goats, horses, geese, wild birds, dogs and cats) in the middle of the barnyard.
“You comin’ James ?”
“Yes sir.”  James strode forward muttering unpleasantries under his breath.
“About your Roosters.  No reason you can’t keep ‘em both.  Granny Peggy’s right.  As Roosters go they get along purty well.  But, if you just feel you gotta get rid of some of the noise around here.  ‘Cause we both know how noisy Roosters can get at all times of the day and night.  Then I’d follow Granny Peggy’s lead, ‘cause she’s right on both counts.”
“The Purty Whipper-Snapper Rooster is nice on the eyes and plenty randy.  He’ll keep your Chickens fertilized alright.  But he’s a Rounder.  He’s interested in fertilizin’ only, and then he goes on his own way.”
“The other Rooster.  The tall white one with the golden mane may not be as pleasin’ to the eye, but he takes care of the Hens as well as fertilizes ‘em.  He’s a natural Protector and Guardian of the Hens and the barnyard.”
“What makes you say that, sir ?”  James testily queried.
“Son, you need to develop an Eye and a Feelin’ for the World around you - not just inside you.”
“In the twenty minutes that I’ve been here that White Rooster caught three grasshoppers to eat.  All three times, he called the Hens over to Share in his meals.  Then when another one of the Hens squawked out that she had laid an Egg, that Rooster stopped in his tracks and high-tailed it over to that Hen lickety-split to check on Her and the Egg.  Then he proudly crowed that all was well to the barnyard, and rounded up the other Hens again.  He’s The Keeper.”
“But like I said, you can Keep ‘em both.  There’s plenty of Hens around here to keep the both of ‘em busy.  But that’s up to you.”
“If I were you, Son.  I’d Learn to Hear Granny Peggy’s Words and Views with more Deference and Respect.  But that’s me.”
Reaching for the handle of his old pick-up, ‘Ole Man Kalball tilted his sweat stained straw hat in a polite fare-the-well.  “Thanks for the stroll.  You gotta nice place here, James.  Good luck, to you.  See you and the Family in Church next Sunday I suppose ?”
“Yes sir.  And once again, thanks for your time, and your advice, Mr. Kalball.  I promise you that it did not fall on deaf ears.”
Squawk !  Buck-a-buck-a-buuuuuuuuuck !
Cock-a-doodle-doo !
“Looks like you just got another Egg.  Heh, heh.  Yes sir, The Keeper’s one fine Rooster.  Give Granny Peggy my best.”
“Yes sir.  I will.  And I’ll do my darndest to give her My Best, too.” James answered assuredly.
“Now, that’s the Spirit, son.”  And with that ‘Ole Man Kalbow jimmied with and ground the gears of his old pick-up truck into drive.  The truck backfired twice before lunging forward and slowly sputtering and rattling on down the dusty kaliche road toward his home, “Now, who says Young dogs can’t learn Old tricks ?  Heh-heh.”

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Emanuel Paparella2013-03-21 10:45:15
Indeed Leah, no reason one can't keep them both, as has been wisely, or perhaps unwisely, done by keeping two Popes in the Vatican. Surely they'll get along as long as one of them, and the chickens too, knows who is the real boss and who is the real authority. One of the roosters will have to be declared "emeritus." Unfortunately it didn't work very well with the resignation of Celestine V, and he ends up in Dante's hell, but then all roosters and all chickens are not alike. History will tell, it always does. Ah!

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