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Orphans Orphans
by David Sparenberg
2013-03-15 11:47:18
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Take another look around.  Find your heart and be stricken by what you find and see.  Be overwhelmed: give libation from the sea salt of your soul to dust of this traumatized Earth.  So many refugees.  So many victims—dead, suffering, awaiting their turns—so many victims of violence, armed violence and of war.  So many children starving throughout the world (this obese world of ours).  So many, many children orphaned in so many hate-riven, torn, blasted and bleeding places.
All are pitiful. All. Hunger in clouded eyes.  Fear inhabiting small bodies.  The search for missing appendages and limbs, and for missing parents.  And words that should be comfort and security, in common demonic black arts, turned to talismans and cold—as mother, father, home, love.  All, all, all so pitiful.
The abandoned, in scandal of their savage spectacle, blink and stare as innocent and afflicted souls, in delicate nakedness, into the faces of onlookers and those about who were hugged and lavishly sheltered, and are now merely passing by.  But none among the orphans of this world and all that betrays and confounds the brains and bowels of our humanity is quite so terrible at atrocity’s inception as is these—when children within men of violence are orphaned by deeds of murder and the crimes of war.
For any man who carries in himself the body of an orphaned child, exiled from safe and playful memory, and images of children he has raped and robbed of family to prove himself a man, has reached the lightless limit of human identity.  His mirror shows an aperture into inferno.  And he the raving brimstone—philanthropist of orphanage—burns his branding scars into the rest of us.



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Leah Sellers2013-03-15 14:54:39
Savage Universal Truths, Beautifully Articulated.

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