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Shied Shied
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-03-17 10:46:31
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Out there, out on the expanse there were the trotting wolves.
Who they were following I could not see.
But weren't they deliberate, moving ahead with mouths closed?
I shied and hid, and they did not notice me.

Shied and hid, but they could still see me no matter what.
Then suddenly I didn't know anymore.
Somehow I'd forgotten what they were searching out.

As for baying, at that I'm not so good,
But the red-haired girl, she kept urging me, and elbowing me,
So that I felt that I had no choice and when I started in I found that I loved it.

When we entered the Exhibition I knew right away that I knew him.
Not only who he was, his name, but all his secret sins.
So right away he unsheathed his lean teeth and attacked me, and they all, all of them,
Were laughing, and their eyes communicated hate, and so we had to leave in ignominy.

This thing about the blood caking under your nails, it's not half as bad as they say.
But you read about it in the Times all the time
But it’s not a problem: you can lick up that stuff at your leisure later on.

I mounted her from the rear, pushing her tail out of the way.
That's when the howling started: she loved it.  No need to hide and shy.
The others were not jealous, they were excited, and then they howled, and then I joined in too.
Why worry?  They all do it.  They do it in public.

So there he was, at the head of the table, struggling with that roast beef, hacking away,
Puffing and red-faced  —  god, was he overweight!  —  wrestling with that meat!
I felt so sorry for him for such a public humiliation, but then again he was getting just what he deserved
After all those years.

Well of course it came as a shock and a surprise to realize that what he was carving up was Lilly,
The wolf-girl whose tail we all used to sniff, albeit long ago. …
In any case I knew I had to get the hell out of there before he noticed me.

Out on the ice was where things really began to go wrong.
She had promised me that we would meet again, but it was all a lie.
Such work, such diligence, and not even a smile for a reward!
It's enough to make you want to puke, I tell you, such a mockery of the sensibilities.

I was out there all alone and I was thinking just the one thought: where the hell was everybody?
By that I meant: where is warmth, where is home?  But just as much: I am going to beat the bloody shit out of them
When I get ahold of them, and won't there be a little warmth in that!

Pity, obligation, fairness  —  none of these can be of help when your own kind turn on you.


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Leah Sellers2013-03-17 15:23:56
Such is the Life of the Predatory - the tail sniffing, gut rending WereWolves of the World.

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