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Boojim Boojim
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-03-14 10:01:28
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"They look just like character actors, Aunt Gracie," said Little Bones.
"They carry their whole history on their outsides," I corrected, in the knowledge that age uglifies.

We were walking through the Baja, going to go all the way to the end.
I had read about it in the magazines, especially about the car races, and so we came down.
"So here we are," I said to myself, "and the Sun isn't so hot as they say."
Little Bones and his pet dog scampered off into yet another bush in pursuit of some poor scurrying thing.
I was beginning to worry about food and accommodations.

"Oh, look Auntie!" said Little Bones, pointing straight up.
One of those fighter jet planes rushed overhead, zoomlike under the higher sky.
The pilot smiled.  It was  --  amazing!  --  Mrs. Katoris's son Chuck.
He was on our side for sure.  Must've just arrived over here from Korea that very day.

Yes, it was going to be a long walk.  Why I had decided to walk it I'll never know.
Lurking out there, behind the rocks etc., was nothing, just more sand, more sky.
I was very very thirsty, so I took out that long sword I had from down in the cellar
And cut open a big long cactus for water.
But it was a boojim, and did that ever cause a stir.
It groaned and bent all the way down to the ground, groaning.
And it groaned that it was sorely wounded, and that I should never have done that.
"You bet," said the dog.   "You bet," said Little Bones.
"So now I'm a culprit, am I?"  I said to the boy, not really angry at him
Because I realized that he did not really mean what he said, only repeating what his dog said.
"Here I am, just trying to get us a little refreshment, a little nourishment in this hot blazing sun,
In this unforgiving desert, and you and that ungrateful mutt …"
He put up a forfending hand.  "Come on, Auntie," he said.  "We were just kidding, and, besides,
You know that we are dead long ago.  What difference could it make?"
"Well, it's still not very nice," I said.  "Just wait till your mother hears about this."
"But we're dead!  And she's dead too!"
"Even so.  Just because everybody's dead is no reason to forget your manners."

That was when the other, monster boojim scared the daylights out of me
By speaking so loudly you would swear it was the Lord Himself thundering in the sky above.
"Madam," it said darkly, "if you keep talking like that Colonel Chuck will not fly by tonight
And send down the parachutes.  And then we'll miss our vittles."
From that moment I knew I was out there in hostile territory and should keep my mouth shut.

This was his history, told by himself to us his audience, amazed and stilled.
First thing into this world, starved and deprived (of drink primarily).
Next, not allowed to grow in sunlight proper, being in the shade of a giant rock.
Next, subject to inhuman storms that swirled up from the Gulf.  Hard to credit, I know.
Even worse, attacked continuously by many small life forms, all equally insidious and contemptible.
And then, last but not least, mistreated by mankind, misunderstood and tortured with knives
And other instruments of torture.
Still, he rose above all the hits and holes and today is twelve feet tall, as you can see before you.

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Alan2013-03-14 23:00:39
Brilliant Dr. Lawrence Nannery

Leah Sellers2013-03-17 20:04:09
A Masterful Work of Art and Mindful soul, Sir. Thank you !

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