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The Leaderless Party of Warring Hawks ? The Leaderless Party of Warring Hawks ?
by Leah Sellers
2013-03-13 11:47:48
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Some folks claim that the Republican/Tea Party-Party doesn’t have Leadership.  Hogwash !
The Republican/Tea Party-Party’s Leadership is covertly slidin’ and hidin’, and dippin’ and divin’ in the shadowy background.  And only pops its ugly (warts and all) head up every now and then to give a hoop and a holler (after they’ve pocketed some lobbyist’s, lawyers, donors, corporation’s, bank’s, or Mighty King or Queen’s Elitist Con’s Manipulative Sacred Dollar).
The Republican/Tea Party-Party is being Guided/MisGuided by the darker Aspects of ItSelf.  It is Hades-bent on Being a Societal Splitting and Fracturing Energetic Force.  It is Being simultaneously Implosive and Explosive.
The Republican/Tea Party-Party is an entity of Warring Hawks tearing, rending, and wounding its own members, the members of the Congress it is supposed to Be Working Productively within, the Potus, and the United States of America as a Whole.
The War on Women:
We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party will tell you Women exactly what to do with your Bodies, your Health, and your Lives.  You Women, and You Women alone must take full Responsibility for your sexual escapades in and out of wedlock.
We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party will use State Laws and the pressure of Local Evangelical Groups and Others to put an end to Planned Parenthood, Women’s Clinics and other Just Systems of Access to Birth Control, a Woman’s Choice to Save or Re-Direct her Life, Baby’s formula and Health Education for young Mothers, affordable cancer screenings for Women, etc…. 
You Women must Pay the Price avoided by, and not really expected of, the Men who Father (this term is used loosely) your struggling forced to be born Children.
And as for the Violence Against Women Act, We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party will finally allow it through Congress, so that You Women and We the People (in general) won’t be even more upset with Us for Choosing to Allow the Sequestration Cuts to come down upon the Middle Class, Working Poor and Poor.  Oops, some of You the People (and your Children) will be going without Food, Clothing and Shelter.  It could get a little UnComfortable out there in the Dog-Eat-Dog World for some of you (while We sit cozy in Our second homes with the Pay raises/cost of living raises that many of Us who were in the last Congress gave to OurSelves, and Our fellow Congressmen and staff members this year, great HealthCare, wonderful Pensions, terrific security and total lack of Social Justice and Conscience; while trying to slowly dis-mantle and de-stroy the very Government of the People and by the People We happen to be Working for and being Paid to Work for).
The War on Civil and Human Rights:
We, the Republican Tea Party-Party will give Our best efforts to tricky-dicky Gerrymandering, and moving Polling Stations, and anything else We can think of to Manipulate Your, We the People Vote our way or the highway.  Because, We, the Republican Tea Party-Party members Represent the Majority-Minority.  Not the Minority-Majority.  Darker skin tones in Mass still make Us quease with dis-ease.
We, the Republican Tea Party-Party Obstructionists secretly (and sometimes accidentally on purpose) support, and want the Re-Turn of Classism, Sexism and Racism.  Just look at our State and Local Policies.  They’re venomously writhing with them, and We want them to Bite You - to weaken You - to bring you under Our eventual Control and Puppeteering.  We’re sadistically and masochistically endearing.  Like a permeating fungus, We want to grow on you.
And as for the Immigrants We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party must criminalize, demonize, minimize, vilify and de-legitimize them !
And as for Gay Rights !  We’ll give ‘em something to be Happy about !
And as for Guns !  Go out and buy YourSelves one (or more) !  And don’t forget to load ’em up with hundreds of bullets !  Support your Local, National, and Global Weapons Manufacturers !  There’s Profit to be Made !
What’s dead and gone needs to be taken care of with six feet of dirt and a shovelin’ spade.
The War on Education:
Yes, We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party are working hard, day and night, to dis-mantle, de-bilitate and de-stroy  Public Schools.  We want Schools, Colleges and Universities to be For Profit Corporate entities.
Why not ?  There’s Money to Be Made !
Who really cares whether or not the Middle Class, Working Poor or Poor will be able to afford a decent education.  Not our problem.  Re-Member, this is a Dog-Eat-Dog World.  The Educated and Well-to-Do will need (or is that want  ?) Dog Food to munch upon from time-to-time.  And we’ll hide this plan behind the Wonders of Free Enterprise and the Free Markets. 
We’ll pay for Our Education, and the Education of Our Fortunate and Blessed Children with Moo-lah, and the Middle Class, Working Poor and Poor will pay for it with their very Quality of Life and Lack of Opportunity.  Somebody has got to be Sacrificed for the Common Good of Profit, and Profit-Making and Taking.  It’s the American Way.  It’s what Our American Republican/Tea Party-Party ForeFathers and ForeMothers would want (or is that Need ?) according to our stilted and tilted view of the Dog-Eat-Dog, Ayn Randian World.  Was she a ForeMother ?  It’s easy to lose the Truth sometimes amongst Our pre-varications.
Also, We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party want to raise the interest rates on Student Loans.  It’s only fair - to Us (and Our cronies and cohorts) that is.
There’s exaggerated Money to be Made and Taken !
The War on HealthCare:
We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party, don’t want ObamaCare (The Affordable HealthCare Act).  We, and Our donors, corporate buddies, banking compadres and elitist jockies (and, oh, they do ride Us and ride Us hard) want to continue the good ole American Insurance Scam running the Money-Making and Taking Tables in Our Nation.  We Need (or is that want?) a HealthCare system that enriches Our, and Our cronies and cohorts, pocketbooks and Cayman Island Accounts, while We help to Bankrupt the Middle Class, Working Poor and Poor’s bank accounts every time they get really sick, and wind up in one of our Pricey-Dicey Hospitals.
We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party, and Our Supporters and Elitist Puppeteers prefer the Hippocritcal Oath to the Hippocratic Oath.  We’re all about the Healing and EnSnaring Power of Ooo-la-lah, Moo-lah !
The War on the Government:
Yes, We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party members supposedly Work for the Government.  And We Do.  We’re just Working to dis-mantle, de-bilitate, and de-stroy Government, because it stands in the Way - it just insists on Regulating Us and SafeGuarding We the People.  That governmental knee-jerk propensity does not Work in Our favor.  Does not help Our Profit Making and Taking Schemes.
Thusly, We want to diminish and/or change altogether the State and Local (and eventually the Nation - through the Supreme Court) Laws which Protect and Serve We the People.
We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party are Working hard to EmPower the very Monopolistic and Profit Mongering Feudalistic Kingdom Makers and Takers, so that They can overwhelm the Nation and expand their already over-bloated Empires, their Holdings and their Mis-guided
Wills upon the Masses. 
Go Tar Sand Pipelines !  They’re real Environmentally De-structive Money-Makers and Takers.  They’ll create Jobs for thousands, while making and taking billions for a small Elite handful of economic systemic entities and People.  Everyone Wins !  Everyone Profits.  It’s just that some will Profit much, much, much, much… more than Many Others.  Re-Member it’s a Tar Sands filled Dog-Eat-Dog World.
Besides, haven’t you heard, the Right-Wing Radio and t.v. jockies claim that Climate Change and Our accumulative destruction of the Environment that keeps Us (and other Livin’ Creatures) alive and breathin’ on Earth is bunk !
Is pure Make-Believe !
Democracy gets in the Way of Profit-Making and Taking.  Just ask the Autocratic and Tyrannical Emergency Managers (hired and placed into their positions by the Republican/Tea Party-Party governor of Michigan) who abolished Democracy in the Michigan Cities they were sent to TakeOver, Sell-Out, and Make Profitable at all Costs (to the Townspeople that is).
Yes, the Middle Class, Working Poor and Poor are to Be Sacrificed upon the Economic Societal Altars of the Global Banks, Global Corporations (who have been legally ruled as People and not economic systemic entities), and Global Elitists.  And, oh yes, are being led to these Life-Taking and Opportunity De-stroying Altars by groups like the Republican/Tea Party-Party who are Moving through Our Great Nation within their Darker Aspects - their Fear Mongering Rage (because they lost the Presidential Election) - their Smoke-’n-Mirror tactics and strategies, and their out-in-out Chosen Dys-Function.
Yes, We, the Republican/Tea Party-Party specialize in and epitomize Re-Ductionism and De-Con-Structionism.  We are ignoring the fact that We should be focused on Creating Jobs and Hope for the American Peoples. 
We re-fuse to admit to the fact that We Need (and do not want to) support Both the Private Sector and the Government Sectors, because of the simple physics and math of it. 
We do not want (or need) to acknowledge that We are truly Inter-Connected; that when Government Workers lose their jobs so does the Private Sector which is directly and indirectly effected/affected by them.  And that when the Private Sector loses their jobs so does the Government Sector which is directly and indirectly effected/affected by them.  It’s a formula which is InEscapable and Fatal to any (and possibly all) Economies when ignored or cast aside.
What a foolish, childish Game you Republican/Tea Party-Party members and other members of the Congress are playing at everyone else’s expense.
It’s time to develop a Social Conscience, and Discipline yourselves to have a less developed Sense of purely Self-Serving Profiteering.  Time to Re-Member that You are Public Servants.  Yes, Public Servants.  So, please, stop the Non-Sensical Non-Sense and get to Work for the Nation as a Whole - for the World as a Whole.
In some Native American Indian cultures the Hawk was (and is) Seen as the Messenger. Do you want your political flight to be Re-Membered as one of doom and gloom or of Enlightened Innovation and Positive Problem Solving carried upon the updrafts of Hope and necessarily Mutable Change and Constructive Productivity.
Please, Make a Wise Decision regarding your Local, State, National and Global flight paths and patterns. Be Effective, Open-Minded and Open-Hearted Leaders.
Leaders We the People can Truly Trust with Our Present and Future.
Then We can All, as a Nation, sit down in amicable Community, and sip on the Teas (or Coffees) of Our Choice in Friendly, Thoughtful, Compassionately Compromising Truce.

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