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Watching Second Graders Watching Second Graders
by David Sparenberg
2013-03-12 10:33:39
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Watching Second Graders    

Look after tomorrow, Lord, tomorrow.  
While I, for one, cry out for today.  Many are sickened, having our children tossed like dirt into the tempests of time, scissored and scythed to slaughter.
Pour love of the Sacred Heart—heart of life—into our suffering and frightened hearts.  Give us,
throughout this world of rags and blood, one whole Earth over, courage to rise up and stand in union; courage and heroic humility; to denounce idols of violence, to change the culture of greed, to end—by voting from power—the politics and purveyors of terror and war.
Look as I do, you others, with tender eyes upon tender faces of school children—every one unique, all equally human, each of these lovely with promises of life.  Remember
like stone jars that must be broken for waters within to freely run….  Remember
you tight knotted men at arms, how, before you twisted your souls to hardness and blamed distrust on similar strangers, light shone within, and you smelled
as children smell, of honeysuckle-joy and lavender—and holiness, and laughter.  Remember
you mothers of daughters and little men, the blood you shed that these innocent gifts could enter the sanctuary of life—the living circle.  End the history of madness and murder.  Show reverence all.  Walk in the way of respect.
Look after tomorrow, Lord, tomorrow. While I today, ‘mid multitudes, make You our family prayer, and together we pray for peace.


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Leah Sellers2013-03-12 21:24:20
Beautiful, Sir !

bohdan yuri2013-03-12 22:42:41
So True.

And may we teach our children how to understand the Truth so they can correct our mistakes.

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