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A Journey A Journey
by Arman Nobari
2013-03-10 11:31:18
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arman01_400In 2008 I traveled with friends to various locations around Europe. We landed in Berlin, drove to Frankfurt, and made our way to Madrid, Spain. Our mission was to truly get to know the various cultures in depth, and to do one good deed each.

In Madrid we made our way through town,down through the main streets, each going our own ways. I found myself near the water, and met up with a street juggler named Seth. I watched his contact juggling routine for a solid half-hour, and struck up a conversation, asking to hear his story.

He was born in New York City and earned a Bachelors degree before deciding that the life set out before him was not "for him" at all. He simply packed up the few things he had, sold what he didn't need, and caught a one-way ticket to Florence, Italy, a number of years ago. He backpacked through Europe with a friend he met along the way, and they settled upon Madrid to work as performers. He said it was the best decision he had ever made.

Seth did, however, make a small request, "If you find yourself in Barcelona, or know of anyone going to Barcelona.. There's a street magician named Eric. He wears an all-red suit and performs near the famous Columbus Monument at the lower end of La Rambla. If you could let him know that his old friend Seth sends his love, I'd owe you my thanks".

Barcelona wasn't on our travel list immediately, but after telling the group, I made it a goal of mine to find Eric and pass on Seth's words.

I let Seth know I'd do this for him, and a smile came across his face like you wouldn't believe.

Around two days of rough travel later, including our car breaking down in an abandoned ghost town in the middle of Spain, we found ourselves in Barcelona. After taking a few hours to sleep travel off (and avoid wandering aroundarman02_400 Barcelona at 3AM), we set off into the city.

Our group spent hours trying to find Eric, and after what seemed to be ages of searching to no avail, our group split up to explore the city on our own. I was not deterred, however, and headed to the lower end of La Rambla. Street performers were lined the entire length of this tree-covered street; some with elaborate costumes, and some playing instruments. Needless to say, with hundreds of people crowding the streets, spotting the one guy in an all-red suit wasn't the hardest thing imaginable.

I approached Eric and watched his magic routine which included some of the most amazing magic I had ever seen in my life, and tipped him a number of times. Once he had started to pack up, I approached him to pass on Seth's words.

Eric smiled and replied in perfect English, "Man, that's wonderful.. I haven't heard from Seth in ages. Is he still in Madrid?"

When I confirmed that he was, he promptly replied, "Incredible. I'll head that way tomorrow then, it's been years since I've seen him. I didn't know he was still in Spain."

Upon hearing his story as well, I learned that Eric had met Seth in Madrid by chance, and they had helped one another get by for a number of months. Eventually departing from one another, they vowed to meet up again should the opportunity present itself. Sad to say, I was the first to ask either of them their "story" in years - allowing for them to be reunited.

I do not know of what happened to Seth or Eric, but it's my hopes that they met up again with a little help from a by-chance traveler.

These two paintings are partially inspired by my encounters with Seth and Eric - and all travelers of the world everywhere, helping old friends cross paths again.

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Murray Hunter2013-03-10 16:57:43
Love the way you present your work

Leah Sellers2013-03-10 22:59:45
Mr. Arman, sir, you are an Inspired and Inspiring Spirit.
Blessings, dear Sir.

Ashanti2013-03-10 23:48:47
Almost in tears, thank you for sharing! Amazing story, I love how it connects to your work.

Edna2013-03-11 21:15:27
This was a wonderful read! Thank you!

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