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Quantum Palmistry: The energy field Quantum Palmistry: The energy field
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-03-06 10:55:20
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The field that quantum palmistry rests upon is energy. Everything in existence is created from energy. Energy is the nexus between the self and the world. From the point of view of any predetermination made in palmistry, energy is the vital ingredient that makes anything happen. With no energy, even the best, most optimistic reading is doomed to fantasy.

harada01_400The ancient Japanese understood this through the laws of ki, the life energy of the person, something similar to the concept of Chi in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This ki is also important in palmistry and connects us with the world around us.

The Cosmos is made of energy. Our whole existence is influenced by energy; the sunlight, the weather, our food production, etc. Most importantly this Cosmic energy interacts with our own energy fields. Our personal energy field should be a hologram of the Cosmic energy field and the Cosmos is a hologram of our personal energy field. This interdependency can be in synchronization or un-synchronization.

Therefore the relationship between cosmic and personal energy is two way. The Cosmos influences us and we influence the Cosmos or world around us.

The palm can be a window into seeing this relationship. The lines on the palm of our hand are influenced by both our body and the world around us.

So let's look at the signs of this energy on your palm.

Very simply your level of energy can very quickly be seen through the definition of the lines on your hand. Generally deep set and well defined lines signify high energy levels, while light and poorly defined lines signify low energy levels of a person.

People who have a lot of lines on their palm (see diagram A) tend to be sensitive to the world outside. This can be positive or negative. Positive sensitivity makes a person empathetic with the environment and others, and enhances a person's inner wisdom. But negative sensitivity is stress and anxiety which may lead a person to worry and display a very emotional disposition. Here you can see the yin and the yang of energy. Positive sensitivity leads to positive energy which can invigorate you, make you interested in things around you, excited about life and people, passionate and enthusiastic. Where on the other hand, negative sensitivity leads to all those energy draining emotions like envy, anxiety, and fear, leading to a huge drain on your energy levels.

Let me say something extremely important at this juncture. The majority of people with lots of lines on their hand will inherently display negative sensitivities. They will be anxious and emotionally negative people. But through the yin and yang, a person can through practice and training transform these negative sensitivities into positive sensitivities and become much more empathetic and wise. Here you will find the negative sensitivities are yin and therefore inwardly focused, while the positive sensitivities are yang and outwardly focused. And this influences the energy that drives you, negative is from within and positive is from the world around you.

People who have a few lines on their palms (see diagram B) tend to be very straightforward, cheerful, self confident, and strong feeling of self empowerment. These people have high energy and will act. These people will have low stress levels so their energy can be rallied and focused upon things that are important to them. However there can be a negative side to this according to the yin and yang. These people can be very rough mannered, insensitive to others, and followers of trends from the outside world, rather than inwardly motivated.

If the lines on a hand are predominantly vertical, i.e., fate, success, popular, and property lines, this indicates that you tend to harness your energy towards achieving your objectives set in the future (Diagram C). When the lines on your hand are predominantly horizontal and cut the vertical lines, this indicates that physically, mentally and economically, one may have a difficult time (Diagram D). This results in a sensitivity towards negative feelings, worry and an inward looking disposition. Such people may be emotionally damaged, easily stressed, and introvert where their view of the world is narrow.  

Turning attention to the shape of the hand, we find that people with a wide hand will have a lot of physical energy and be very active doing things like trades work, sales, sports, or other outdoor activities. However, people with narrow hands tend to lack the urge to do anything physical. But where people with a narrow hand have a talent, they will use their energy to  pursue these interests like playing a musical instrument.

People with a soft hand tend to be sensitive to feeling and have strong psych perceptions and energy. However they don't like to exert energy physically. With this ability to focus psychic energy, these people are usually the ones that get promoted to high positions within organizations.

Those with a firm hand tend to seek material benefits rather than social status. Therefore their will and mental energy is very strong and focused towards achieving their goals. These people look to the physical rather than intrinsic and willing to exert physical energy to achieve what they want.

The thickness of the hand indicates inward and outward energy orientation. Those people with a thick hand tend to be interested in their self and are strongly motivated to look after their own interests. They are excessively confident. People with thin hands tend to care for others rather than themselves and will exert energy on activities related to others.

People with long fingers tend to have little energy to perform tasks, while people with short fingers tend to be very active.

Finally color is a very important indicator of energy, probably because it is closely related to health. Light pink hands indicate both mental and physical good health. Red hands indicate a weakening vascular system. White hands indicate low blood pressure where a person easily becomes tired. Yellow hands indicate kidney problems leading to low levels of energy. Dark hands indicate that the liver is weak, also leading to low energy levels. People with protruding veins indicates weak blood circulation and intestines. However these are relative colors, and a person's natural skin color should be considered when making skin observations.

Energy is of upmost importance to any individual. Consequently a good reader should appraise a person's energy levels before reading anything else on the palm, as energy is a major determinant of a person's propensity to take action and do things.


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Leah Sellers2013-03-07 05:40:08
Yes Sir !
You have my Attention, Mr. Yoshifumi, because you have a Wise Understanding of the Workings of Energy.
Your Gift and Knowldege are are adding credence to the proclamation that Truly, Our Lives are in Our Hands.

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