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5 new books for the Ovi shelves 5 new books for the Ovi shelves
by The Ovi Team
2013-03-02 12:30:44
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This must be the first time we publish so many books in such thematic variety the same time. And we keep our aim to have some new books in the beginning of every month. Five new books. From economics and environment to photography and from sensing ideas and thoughts to cartoons. Ovi definitely covers every issue even when it comes to books! Just check the Ovi Bookshop and it is all there!

kelantan_cover_400Most of you have already read Murray Hunter’s articles about the Kelantan project. The first of his books “Campaigning for Environmental and Cultural Integrity” is about the project and it is something I wanted to become a book from the first time I read the article long before published in Ovi magazine. The project is the essence of green economy.

Green economy for most connects economy and environment, an economic theory and practice that finances business while protecting the environment. That’s semantics; you see Murray has gone one step further connecting environment with culture where culture is the human element and their cultural identity. This is the part that I got lost. I got lost in thoughts and ideas. Because, of course people’s cultural identity is part of the environment and it demands equal respect if you want to succeed the harmony between people’s needs and environment with a successful business.

And here comes Kelantan where the theory has become practice and the practice application in human lives. Where the theory takes examples from real life and becomes the prototype that expands far beyond natural products, their marketing, their management and their market. It becomes an investment on nature from nature. And then is not only about natural products any more. Then it is eco-tourism, it is eco-products, it is eco-investments. The essence of green economy. And somehow I felt envy and I hope my economic troubled compatriots read this book. It might be the break they need.

thegreentroubadour_400The second book is from David Sparenberg, our poet, philosopher wrote this book “The Green Troubadour Source Book” an Eco-Shamanic Writing for Actor Training & Public Performance to inspire others and he definitely goes far beyond inspiring to motivating in constant inner research through nature.

And to quote David’s introduction, “I do not write for profit, but I do write with intention.  That is true here as in other titles. The intention of this volume is here openly expressed.  In the following pages I am inviting readers, as friends and as companion earth-walkers, to be earth-warriors and earth-healers, both male and female, and to join in the furthering of a radical social, spiritual and culture alternative to what is dominate and preparing not a furtherance of dignity, diversity and democracy, but of chaos, catastrophe and doom.

In this revolutionary invitation, actors and performing artists and adventuresome persons overall, whether trained, amateur or the many others of you seeking to discover a hidden treasure of your earth-soul, contributing through creative release by confrontations with evil through compassionate denouncement, or by encounters with justice through acts of beauty as compassionate affirmation—all of you who choose to share yourselves in the ways of human hallowing and liberating dedication to change, will find here suggestions of new roles for promoting global alternatives in communication—perhaps even for restoration of what Henry Corbin called the “Lost Speech” of the angels of souls—and for making of a heritage of deep ecology and eco-shamanic wisdom and  conditionally appropriate, sustainable living.

personalcare_cover_400Murray Hunter’s second book this month and a continuation to the green economy is “The first line Of personal care Entrepreneurship”. This book includes two themes, “What Makes a Personal Care Company Successful” and “The Organic production of Essential Oils” and both are the result of hard work, long research and passion. Actually this is what it takes to succeed both, a successful company and an organic production; passion. Passion to care.

Actually Murray Hunter invites us to share the passion and care for an economy that combines environment and human culture, with respect. Passion, care and respect. Just expand your thoughts beyond a personal care company and organic production of essential oils and she that this is what it takes to live in harmony in an environment that needs your care and respect if you want it to give you the essentials for a graceful life.

doors_cover_400The forth book is the result of love and participation of all the Ovi Team. “Ovi in Finnish means doors” and Ovi magazine is all about doors. So here a collection of doors from all around the world photographed from members and friends of the Ovi magazine. virgistories_cover_400

Actually I hope this book will motivate more, members friends and readers of Ovi magazine to send more photos of doors from around the world.

And of course for the end a bit of humour with Dino and Anty. The vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend the carnivorous nymphomaniac ant in new adventures.

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Alan2013-03-02 12:42:47

Congratulations professor Hunter your books are a must read and have

congratulation mr. Sparenberg

congratulations ovi

Emanuel Paparella2013-03-02 14:14:22
It has been said that if you wish to know the logos of a civilization, that is, what it is all about, look closely at its architecture. Pari passu, if one wants to know what a publication and/or publishing house is all about, look at its books. When in 1942 books were burned publicly in Germany one knew immediately that such a civilization had descended into barbarism.

As one scans the shelf of the Ovi bookstore and merely surveys the titles of its books, what is immediately striking is the diversity of those books: they range from philosophy, to poetry, to literature, to deep ecology, to education, to political science, to aesthetics, to children’s fables, to theology. It is in fact DIVERSITY which gives this magazine its unique identity.

Even the title of the magazine, Ovi, and its subtitle: a magazine of opinion, would powerfully suggest it. Indeed, to arrive at truth one may have to transcend mere opinion and mere ideology, but one cannot even do that without knowledge of what those opinions might be. Then one looks for the right key to open the right door. This is the signal contribution of Ovi: to offer to its readers diverse keys to open diverse doors via freedom of speech and opinion and in the process foment the search for the True, the Good and the Beautiful. Keep up the good work, Ovi team. Ad majorem.

Emanuel Paparella2013-03-02 22:59:31
Dear David,
I have perused your latest book.Thanks for writing and sharing this additional needed gem of a book. Yours is indeed a language and a world I understand fully: the language of meaning, values, repentance, guilt, redemption, reparation, love, prayer, regret, ritualized movement, the theater of memory, heroic commensality, Gaya as mother Earth, crimes against creation parading as progressivism and accelerating consumption, collective rapacity, freedom from addiction greed and vices, the stage of geo-history.

Indeed, your book will undoutedly be a further giant step into the journey of the envisioning of an urgently needed bridge between two cultures: that of logical positivistic scientism pretending to usurp the realm of philosophy and the humanistic liberal arts approach concerned with meaning and values. Well done and keep up the good work.

Leah Sellers2013-03-03 22:51:12
Hurray ! Can't wait to read and enjoy them all !
What a treasure trove of Talent and Knowledge !
Thanks for letting all of us know waht Ovi means, Ovi Team. I've been meaning to look its meaning up for quite some time, and other things got in the way.
Fortunately, all of Ovi's Doors are wide open and beckoning for all to "Come on In" and Explore !

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