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World Orphan Week World Orphan Week
by The Ovi Team
2013-03-04 11:14:19
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orphan01March 4-11th; World Orphan Week (WOW) began in the UK in 2005. The week aims to raise awareness of the needs of orphaned and abandoned children around the world. Children can end up orphaned when they lose their parents or their parents aren't able to care for them. Every child is different and that's why SOS Children wants to help orphans depending on their needs individually - regardless of race, culture, or any other factor.

World Orphan Week 2013 aims to highlight the plight of children across the world who have been orphaned by disease, disaster, poverty or have been abandoned by their parents. They want to help give more of these children a home and a family.

This awareness week is a time to remember the orphaned children of the world. So what can you do to help? You could sponsor a child, make a donation or hold your very own fundraising event. You can even find ideas under every letter of the alphabet. If you register at the official website you will receive a fundraising pack with all the information you need to have a really successful event.

Or mention the week on Facebook or an email footer; a small action, but it could make people curious to find out more. Donating money to help orphans can help SOS Children improve and carry out more of the services they already offer.

Services include providing new homes and a full-time SOS mother who will look after them and allow them to grow up as part of a nurtured family. All these homes are close together in a specially built village where medical care, schooling, and most importantly love are all provided. The organisation also makes sure that siblings aren't seperated and are raised together.

Our family have been sponsoring a little girl for a few years now, and knowing we've helped change a person's life is a great feeling. It means she can go to school, and she sends pictures,and letters to let us know how she's getting on. Sponsor an orphan and discover that you really can change someone's life.

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