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Writhe Before You Writhe Before You
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-02-27 07:54:10
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The strophe and anti-strophe of the beautiful deceitful
Songs and the caterwaulings of the women of the seraglio —
You hear them as you walk the halls between their apartments. ...

The breathless moment when,
Cresting a ridge when you're tearing fast, and
The lie of the earth falls suddenly away, and the canyon opens up below,
And, filled with clouds in the urgent moonlight, seems a necropolis,
And the mind slows down, the earth pulling you down, unresisting…

Even so, from within your cave, intruding on the silence,
You heard the child playing nearby by himself, whooping and gargling
In the lightness of the desert air, his half-choked cries magnifying his joy,
A tribute to your love for him, though he doesn't even know it.

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Alan2013-02-27 12:30:04

Leah Sellers2013-02-28 06:13:52
Well expressed and enVisioned, Sir.
There are many Songs sung between the "caterwaulings of Women" and the "whooping and gargling", and half-choked cries" of "joy" of Children.

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