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America's Economic Sequester: A Toxic Brew America's Economic Sequester: A Toxic Brew
by Leah Sellers
2013-02-27 07:54:21
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Glug !  Glug ! And Chug-a-lug-lug !  Yech and Yuck ! This terrible Stuff !  
Why’s it called America’s Economic Sequester ?  What Self and Other Destructive Idiots dis-tilled this Toxic Brew to Begin with ?  Our duly elected Congressmen that We the People sent to Washington D.C. Voted to Create this poisonous nog ?  Why would they Agree to, much less Vote to, do such a dastardly hatchet job on America and the rest of the World that way ?
What ?  The Democrats thought that the military cuts would be so steep that the Republicans would never go through with them, and that they now realize how badly they misjudged the Republicans Un-conscious Need to Dis-rupt,  Dis-mantle and De-stroy the American Federal Government, simply because they Want to out of some twisted and mis-guided form of Un-Patriotic Patriotism (not understanding - or perhaps understanding all to well - that by doing so they are betraying the very Nation they say that they love and eventually playing into the hands of and turning it - and the rest of the World - over to the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists Global Feudalistic Kingdoms Dreams and Schemes, and Tyrannical, Plutocratic/Autocratic rule) ?   
What ?  The Republicans have been Self and Other hypnotized into believing that the only possible way to balance America’s budget is to make drastic cuts everywhere, and refusing to change the Tax Code so that the Global Corporations and Elitists will have to pay their Fair Share, and no longer have Tax Loopy-Loop Holes that they can do tricky-dicky flips and flops through in select Global Banks all over the World ?
Will the American Congressmen have to take a slug from the mug of their own homemade Toxic Brew, the American Sequester ?  Will they be furloughed and lose up to 20% (or more) of their monthly pay ?  Will they lose their Benefits, Pensions or HealthCare ?  Will they lose their Jobs when their cuts take place like thousands of other Americans (teachers, police, fire fighters, airport workers, city workers, state workers, transportation workers…etc) ?
No ?  Why not ?  Leaders lead by first Being Role Models.  What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander !  What kills the Goose should Kill the Gander !
What ?  The Congressmen don’t have to swallow their own devastating so-called Medicine for the Country ?  Why Not ?
Oh, some of them are being paid off by and/or being rewarded in one fashion or another by the very Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists wanting to establish their Feudalistic Kingdoms and EnSlave the Global population to their sole whims, desires and money-making machinations and Human grinding Workers Mills and Mind-numbing Propaganda Machines ?
Oh, some of Congressmen are Elitists themselves.  Oh !
Well, perhaps it’s time for We the People to stop drinking drams from the un-settling and dis-peptic bottle of the American Economic Sequester, and impede the Toxic Brew’s Forcing All of We the People to stagger and Fall into Economic and Cultural Austerity, National Recession and Chaos, and eventual Global Recession/Depression and Chaos.
Wow !  Would that scenario play right into some of the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists narcissistically malicious present and future Plans or what ?
Many of the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists spent a lot of moo-lah to make sure that President Obama would not be Elected.  They tried to Buy-Off and Rig the American Election, but the Voices of We the People won out.  The Democratic process won out.
We the People Voted for a Man and a Democratic Party who at this point-in-Time have Chosen to Symbolize the Pathway to the Future which EmPowers All People and All Peoples.  Which Seeks to proffer Liberty, Justice, Equality, A Fair Playing Field, the Pursuit of Happiness and Opportunities for All People and All Peoples.  A Man and a Party who have Chosen to Represent and struggle toward a more Benevolent and Just Governing Body and Economic System.
We the People greatly dis-appointed and dis-gruntled many (but not all) of the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists.  And they are not finished mixing up and passing around their Poisonous Potions and Pills.  In fact, they are using the American Obstructionist and Mis-Guided Republican/Tea Party-Party (and their cohorts and cronies) to help pass out their Toxic Brewskies.  This bottle of American Sequestration Brew is just one of their many circulating contaminated and detrimental slow poisons.
American Republicans, sirs and ma’ams.  You folks Need to think about the Nation and Our Interconnectedness to, and Responsibilities to, the rest of the World.
You Republican/Tea Party-Party Folks Need to Realize that when the Government destroys, and Seeks to Own Private Enterprises We the People suffer under nihilistic Tyranny.  And that when Private Enterprises (Banks, Corporations, Elitists and their political, judicial and lobbying cronies and cohorts) slowly dis-mantle, dis-credit, de-stroy and Seek to Own the Government We the People suffer under nihilistic Tyranny.
You Republican/Tea Party-Party Folks Need to Remember that it is the Un-Easy and naturally tension-filled Alliance and Balancing Act between the Government (the Representative Agent of the Overall Good Will and Best Interests of We the People) and Private Enterprises that Breathes Life into a Healthy and Productive (not toxic and de-moralizing) Democratic and Egalitarian Free Enterprise and Free Trade System.
Your obsession with trying to Falsely and Austerely Cure a Deficit which took Us a few years to become so entrenched within (due to two very expensive Wars We the People should never have been snookered into and the Un-punished hanky-panky Games and Legalized Theft pulled-off by the Wall Streeters, Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitists who profited mightily at the expense of Everyone else) overnight on the backs of the Middle Class, the Working Poor and the Poor is mis-guided, mis-calculated, mal-viciously and un-necessarily Self and Other destructive.
Wake Up !  Do your Jobs !  Get off the golf courses and money-making campaigns for your own self-aggrandizement and get America out of this self-made and self mutilating Trap you Congressmen have created for whatever political dark Un-Reasonings and Game-playing machinations.       
Hmmm….Sequestrations are when things are put aside or taken custody of until some kind of demand is satisfied.
Perhaps, We the People should Investigate just what is being Demanded, who is being Satisfied (or not), and who is taking custody of What or Whom.
Better yet  (hiccup) - Is there an Antidote in the Making ?

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-27 11:41:34
A lucid critique and to the point Leah. Indeed, none of those disrupting “super-patriots” in Congress mouthing platitudes such as “country first,” redolent of the Macarty era of the 50s have deprived themselves of their health care while still attempting to deny it to some forty million low income poor Americans. One can safely wager that none of them will ever give up any of the lavish benefits and privileges they have voted into law for US congress men and women and senators. Most of them espouse the social Darwinistic “virtue of selfishness” type of philosophy of Ayn Rand and at least one of them (Paul Ryan) is proud of having grown up on it, while at the same time calling himself a good Catholic. They will however mouth platitudes such as “country first.” They have given a new fresh meaning to the term hypocrisy.

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