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Berserk Alert! #032 Berserk Alert! #032
by Tony Zuvela
2013-02-21 10:31:37
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Thanos2013-02-22 01:08:33

Thanos2013-02-22 01:25:05
Surreal as it might sounds I have actually seen this picture in real life and I have to admit that you gave me a smile that has lasted all day!!!

Tony Zuvela2013-02-22 23:29:37
Glad you liked it, Thanos.
Cheers, Mate!

Leah Sellers2013-02-23 05:46:42
Love It ! When One is in Love they want to Share everything enchanting with the One they Love. Thus, the constant Pointing at the Wonders of the World unfolding around the Both of you !

Tony Zuvela2013-02-23 23:34:23
Nice point, Leah. Cheers! :)

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