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Divided Earth Divided Earth
by David Sparenberg
2013-02-19 10:28:52
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These are not bodies beautiful pampered soft skinned and perfect, with all that can be imagined a mere and unreflective reach away, with all that “civilization” has to offer just here at the fingertips: the seductive smiles and athletic postures; the playboys’ emotionally crooked grins, the playgirls’ silicone-offerings

these, the outcast-others, they are bodies cold and bodies hungry, bearing infections and the scars of neglect and disease  Still

children play amid squalor  And now and again from strange mouths laughter erupts like clouds of sulfur  Eyes of the destitute what are they? They are signatures  And looks in the eyes what is this?  A poison serpent’s tongue  And each is the holocaust of a soul

Now there are two human worlds on this small in crisis planet  One of them is an artificial sun; the other a blackhole  One provides shelter-scant in cages crates and cardboards, and sinks ever deeper into itself—a percolating obscenity of poverty  This other is The Floating World, dropping its waste from a make believe height as it crosses its dance club heaven in a bubble of painted gold…

A person with a camera in the heart would have to be pointlessly blind not to feel pain and to fear the smell of blood  Or contorted by the snapshots of misery and the “dirty” videos of suffering

David Sparenberg
9 Feb. 2013


From LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, Volume Two, a work-in-progress. Volume One is currently available as a free ebook download from OVI, HERE !

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-19 12:33:58
Indeed David, and as the poor get poorer, the vultures of this earth ride the wave of globalization while looking for new opportunities.

One is bound to wonder as to who was right: Nietzsche who announced that God is dead or Dostoyevsky who proclaimed that without God anything is permissible.

David Sparenberg2013-02-20 03:23:58
Your question Emanuel is wounding and provocative and cuts to the heart of the existential condition.

Leah Sellers2013-02-20 06:15:12
Mr. David,
Your beauteous Truth-Telling is remorseless.
What a Gift you have, Dear Sir.

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