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Oh Please, Let's Focus on the Deficit Oh Please, Let's Focus on the Deficit
by Leah Sellers
2013-02-23 12:11:34
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When the glass of Water We Worked so hard to fill to the rim gets bumped and knocked about
And All of the Life Sustaining Water in the Glass splashes uselessly to the Floor
Let’s Focus on the Deficit - the Empty Glass - the wasted and tainted Water on the Floor
Instead of returning to the Faucet from which the Water was first drawn and received into Our Glass or another Water Faucet altogether
Let’s Focus on the Deficit and punitively refuse to return to the Faucet or Seek another
Or even better
Let’s Austerely only allow the Faucet to drip out one drop of Water at a Time into Our awaiting Empty Glass
While over Time We grow Thirstier - ever Thirstier
While delusionally chasing after one prearranged Mirage after another
Because Mirages are busy little shifting things
Mirages and Deficits
Oh Please, Let’s in lingering Austerity watch our Glass ever so slowly drip-drop Full once again
A Nation can Die of Thirst bound by the Opportunity shrinkage and evaporation of Austerity
But, by all means, Global Leaders
Let’s Focus on the Deficit
Oh yes, the very same Deficit Created by Our Global Economic and Corporate Gurus (and their political and judiciary minions)
Most of whom bumped and knocked about Our Global Economic and Structural Water Glass causing Our Life Sustaining Water to spill out all over the dirty Floor to begin with
Please, tell all of the Thirsty Peoples’ of the World again why We should
All Focus on the Deficit - Your Deficit
Which has now BeCome All of Our Deficit.
Oops, Everyone’s Deficit but the Real Deficit Creators because they have other Water Faucets to run off to and previously hoarded other Glasses of Water prepared and awaiting them for the Economic draught they knew was Coming because They initiated and Seeded it in order to Quench Their Thirst and keep Their lives Sustained
While the Rest of the Peoples’ of the World De-Hydrate - Dry Up
And Some even wither and rasp into Non-Existence
But, Please, Oh Please, Let’s Focus on the Deficit
Instead of the Water Faucets
Unless, of course, the People’s of the World are finally ready for a Drink

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-23 17:11:13
Indeed Leah, the budget does not write itself as some logical positivists and globalization fanatics, who think that globalization is the solution to any economic problem, would like us to believe. The budget is written by our unimaginative politicians who usually have a philosophy behind it.

To mention a prominent example: the budget of Paul Ryan has the social Darwinistic philosophy of Ayn Rand behind it, as acknowledged by himself who is proud of having grwon up reading Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead. Ayn Rand is the legendary luminary who lately has become gospel truth to asorted globalized venture capitalists in search of wealth and opportunity who wrote an essay in the 60s titled “The Virtue of Selfisheness.”

Ryan claims to be a good Christian and a good Catholic but I am willing to wager that he has never read a line from the various papal encyclicals on social and distributive justice. The nuns on the bus suspect the same thing and have so far been unable to engage Paul Ryan in any sort of rational dialogue.

Leah Sellers2013-02-25 09:48:02
Dear Brother Emanuel,
Not meaning to be rude, but merely observational, Mr. Paul Ryan is probably avoiding the Light the nuns would scrutinize him with because he has no rational Thought to dialogue with.
The Virtues of Pure Selfishness are what many of our National and World Leaders are filled with at this point in time, Sir. There are a few who actually want to improve the Global Economies for Everyone, but their Voices are being buried beneath the braying of the Ayn Randians, the Global Banks, Global Corporations and the Elitists.
Our Congressmen are constantly arguing about how to cut the Middle Class', the Working Poor's and the Poor's "Entitlements". However, in actulaity it is They who are (and count themselves to be)truly Entitled. So, are We the People to understand that the Congressmen (and their cohorts and cronies) mean for us to cut them from the Economic equation ? Hmmmm...
Also, calling the Social Safety Net which helps to maintain a certain Balance within Our National economy is not really an Entitlement.
In Truth, the Programs which form Our National Safety Nets are Survival-ments for The Many due to stagnant Wages and Rising Prices in rents, mortagages,utilities,gasoline,food, etc...
If Private Enterprises do not want The Many to have to accept Economic Aid from the Government in order to make ends meet and simply survive, then the Minimum Wage must be Raised, and General Wages overall must be raised.
When Everyone, but the 1%er's, is suffering economically to begin with, Austerity Policies only further de-press and de-stabilize Societies.
We are all recovering from a Great Recession/Depression. Now is not the time for Austerity or for the firing or fuloughing of Folks who work for the Government (simply because like Paul Ryan and the Tea Partiers) you hate the Government and are trying to dismantle it, and thusly Our economy right along with it.
The Un-Compromisers and Obstructionists are hindering, squelching and throwing ice cold water upon our National Economic Growth on purpose for dark political reasonings and a myriad of other self serving, Global Banks serving, Global Corporations serving, and Elitists serving UnReasonings that they all call and hype as more important and better informed Reasonings.
Awareness is the first Step toward Turning the Rip Tide we're All being pushed into.

Eleana2013-02-27 03:51:07
And Australia is a clone of the US in this respect. Instead of the Tea Party throwing sand on every good idea or policy, we have the LNP and Mr Abbott, opposing EVERYTHING that makes the incumbent Government look good, just to ensure his place at the Lodge after the next election. He doesn’t care how moronic he appears to enlightened souls, he is basing his negative responses on the masses who are uneducated, unintelligent and unspiritual and who naively believe everything he says, most of whom also resent a female Prime Minister. Evidently he take the title of Leader of the Opposition literally; that being to oppose everything good.

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