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National Sun-Power National Sun-Power
by Leah Sellers
2013-02-16 11:28:30
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What is Power ?
Some say the Sun is Powerful
Because the Sun shines so brightly in the Sky
It creates atmospheric conditions which effect/affect Earth’s climate
Earth’s many weathered moods
It warms the Skin we Walk in
And gives us the Concept of Time
When the Sun is Up - it’s Day

When the Sun goes Down - it’s Night
Day and Night
Night and Day
Sun and Moon
Moon and Sun
Golden Disk and Silver Disk
Silver and Gold
Get a collection of Days and Nights and you have the Time Measurement of
A Week, a Month, a Year, Five years, a Decade…Eternity…
Linear, Tidal, Cyclical and Stringy measurements of Time and Space
Inescapably running all of Our Lives, Our Lives Economies, Cultures, Traditions, Behaviors and Deaths
Births and Re-Births
Revolving Evolutions
And De-Evolutions and Re-Evolutions
Tick-tock, tick-tock - We’re all on The Clock
See how We run while circling around the Sun ?
Early and late to so called Very Important Dates
The Sun radiates and microwaves us all into Sun flaring pasts, presents and futures
Some half-baked, some rarified, some well done, some burnt and petrified
Yes, the Sun is a powerful blazing disk
Ever Present Apollo’s Chariot searing about and burning down and around  Earth’s Timely rotating orb
Earth’s Gaia always trying and Careful not to gravitate too close to the Sun
Irritatingly cognizant of not getting too chummy with the Radiant Energetic Fire Ball that keeps Her Moving and Living within the Cosmos
Yes, the Sun is all powerful
Human Beings worship it faithfully
Barring inconveniences like epidermal cancers or debilitating dehydration
Human Beings long to have the Skin they Live in touched by the Sun
In fact, some Human Beings compare Great Nations and/or All Nations to the Sun
And their Human worship and running around with National-Sun Pride
As much Needed and Habit-Forming Life Sustaining Rituals
Their hungry obsessions, cravings and needs to be close to the Sun
The Source, The Force
Are the Gravitational Pulls and Pushes that keep Humans orbiting, spinning, twisting and turning
Around and toward their National Suns and their so called Destinies
Now that’s Powerful  !
For better or for worse - that’s Power

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-16 13:55:54
Interesting peroration on Sun power, Leah. Well done. I think St. Francis of Assisi understood the power when he called it brother sun, not as a pantheist but as a symbol of the Father and the Light of us all.

I think Plato understood the true nature of power when he places the sun outside his proverbial cave...

I also think that king Arthur understands the true nature of power when, unlike Machiavelli & Co, he sings in the musical Camelot: "not might is right, but might for right" from which issues the idea of the round table and chivalry. That is to say, the issue is not "who rules" but how does one conceive of power and "how one rules."

Leah Sellers2013-02-16 23:27:21
Amen, Brother Emanuel,
The Conception of - the Perception of Power is the all important Definition(s) and Usage(s) We should All be considering and Working to (beneficially for All) Define Now.
Especially since the Earth "is getting smaller" due to Our Interconnectedness is truly being Born Out through and within the Internet of Global Communication(s) and Revelation(s)
We Can Be Better. We Can Do Better. And We Need to Work all of these things out Together for the sake of Humanity and the beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet, Earth.

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