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The American-Alabama Liberty Man The American-Alabama Liberty Man
by Leah Sellers
2013-02-06 08:01:43
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That American-Alabama Man with a Gun.  That Vietnamese War Vet, Jim Lee Dykes.  That Man who Pro-Claims Liberty and Autonomy above all.  That American-Alabama Liberty Man took his Gun and shot a Bus Driver, Charles A. Poland, Jr., whose only fault was that he was trying to protect all of the Children on his School Bus from an out of control Jim Lee Dykes.
The American-Alabama Liberty Man, Jim Lee Dykes, shot that Bus Driver, Charles A. Poland, Jr., dead.
Then the Gun totin’, Liberty Lovin’, Autonomy Lovin’ American-Alabama Liberty Man kidnapped a five year old Boy, Ethan.  He Forced that little Boy off of the School Bus (filled with terrorized and forever Changed Children) after murdering the Courageous and Protective Bus Driver (Charles A. Poland, Jr.).  And then Forced that little Boy, Ethan, into an UnderGround Bunker.
A Tornado Bunker.  A Hurricane Bunker.  An Armageddon Bunker, created by the Gun totin’, Liberty Lovin’, Autonomy Lovin’ American-Alabama Liberty Man on his Land.
A Self-Sustaining UnderGround Armageddon Bunker.  Well supplied with plenty of (although eventually finite amounts of) Food, Water, Electric Light (generated from an UnderGound generator) and Air from a large PC Pipe plunged and plugged into the Ground connecting the UnderGround Armageddon Bunker to a constant Fresh Air Supply from above Ground.
An Air-Breathin’, well supplied UnderGround Coffin.
Clever Man this American-Alabama Liberty Man.  This Visionary of an Autonomous and Self-Sustaining Future.  So Autonomous and Self-Sustaining that the American-Alabama Liberty Man used his Self-Sustaining Autonomy to De-Self-Sustain and De-Autonomize the Guardian Bus Driver he shot and murdered, the five year old Boy he kidnapped and ImPrisoned with himself in his Self-Sustaining (and now Other-Sustaining) little UnderGround Armageddon Bunker, now UnAutonomizingly surrounded by numerous local and state police, F.B.I. agents and curious and concerned by-standers and neighbors.  Not to mention the fact, that the American-Alabama Liberty Man has also taken away - done away with his own previously known and appreciated Life Liberties and Self-Sustaining Autonomy by choosing to Autonomously, Freely and Consciously murder another Human Being (taking their cherished Liberties and Autonomies away from Them Forever), and ImPrisoning himself with his De-Libertized Hostage (a five year old Boy, Ethan) UnderGround.
What Self-Fulfilling Prophesy is the American-Alabama Liberty Man trying to Fulfill ?
He has BeCome the very thing he Feared and Violently Hated the most.
He has BeCome the Buried Man, the ImPrisoned and ImPrisoning Man, the EnSlaved and EnSlaving Man.  Made a Buried/Prisoner/Slave by HimSelf, for Himself (and the dead, but not Forgotten, Courageous Bus Driver and the kidnapped little five year old Boy, Ethan).
Angry, Self (and Other)-Destructive Violent Gun totin’ Liberty and Autonomy have not Expanded this American-Alabama Liberty Man’s Life and Future Prospects.  He has BeCome the shrinking and buried American-Alabama Liberty Man.  The diminished and Dis-Appearing Autonomy Visionary, who Needs to Let Ethan Go - to Free Ethan. 
Who Needs to Apologize to the Family Members grieving the loss of their BeLoved, Charles A Poland, Jr.,.  And in so Doing Re-Connect with the Truer parts of his Liberty Loving Autonomous Self, before he Faces the Justice he has of his own volition Autonomously created for HimSelf.
What a Collectively Autonomous, Self and Other-Sustaining, Liberty Defining Life’s Lesson for All.

What a Horrible Tragedy !

Since writing this essay, a few UnForgiving and Irrevocable actions have taken place.

Mr. Jim Lee Dykes was killed by the American authorities who barged into Mr. Dykes UnderGround Bunker yesterday in order to Save the Life of the five year old Boy, Ethan, he was holding as his Hostage and Shield, after murdering the Bus Driver, Mr. Charles A. Poland, Jr..

Veterans, like Mr. Jim Lee Dykes, are created by and products of Humanity's Chosen addiction and stubborn madness regarding the cyclical and destructively insidious repetitions and perpetuity of War.

This poor Man, and the angry Violence which branded and marred the rest of his Life after his participation in the Vietnamese War, is the same and/or similar diseased Seed and Psychic Wounding planted within the Minds, Hearts, Bodies and Souls of all Veterans and Victims (willingly participatory or not) of all Wars.

My Best Thoughts and Prayers are with his Family, Ethan's Family and the Loved Ones of the Courageous Mr. Charles A. Poland, Jr..

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-06 13:53:07
Indeed Leah, war is the ultimate root problem and the principal causes of wars in the world, from time immemorial, are xenophobia, ideological fanaticism, extreme nationalism, in tandem with social injustice and disregard for the common good.

Unfortunately wars have been traditionally been rationalized and justified in the West since St. Augustine’s proverbial philosophical argument for the “just war,” so called. William James on the other hand wrote an essay titled “The Moral Alternative to War” that ought to be required reading not only for beginner philosophy students but for all our myopic small- minded politicians and so called “captains of industry” preaching the solution to social unrest in the world via savage capitalism but in reality very much part of the problem.

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