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Let's look at Quantum Palmistry Let's look at Quantum Palmistry
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-02-05 09:32:19
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Over the many years that I have been reading peoples’ palms, I have often looked at the accuracy of these readings. Overtime I discovered that any reading of the lines on a hand is subject to some unexplained greater forces.

The next question was ‘what constituted these governing forces?’ Upon some research and reflection I found a number of important additional forces that shape and structure what information we can read from the palm. This refers to the shape of our hands, fingers, thumb-prints, and logically, the general environment we live within. Therefore any reading must be done with all these fields in mind.

This makes palm reading extremely complex with these interrelated synergistic influences. I came to the conclusion that if anybody said they understood quantum palmistry, in fact they don’t really understand it at all. It’s too complex due to the combined influence of all the forces involved to determine with accuracy any true disposition of any person at a particular time. The whole world around us is complex and gives a greater perspective; the hand is yin and the world is yang.  

If the above proposition is true, then palmistry must be seen in a much greater dimension than what we have ever imagined. Maybe palmistry is not as esoteric as we believed, Just as quantum theory in physics is mysterious and almost unexplainable.

Further refection also gave me the insight that energy is the key behind everything. Energy is an enabler, blocker, shaper, and prerequisite to anything happening. Even the lines on our hand are shaped by energy. I see those lines as something reflective and symbolic of ourselves, So palmistry must also take into account the energy which governs motivation and the propensity for us ‘to do’. Remember if you don’t do – nothing will ever happen. And “do” includes feeling, thinking, and the imagination and intuition we have. Quantum palmistry is about tapping into that inner wisdom.

So in quantum palmistry, I believe that any reading is only a probability of one of the many realities that we could choose to pursue and embrace as our chosen destiny. Therefore a quantum palm reading is actually aimed at uncovering the inner knowledge we have in the context of the world around us. The answer is actually not in the hand, the answer is in our mind in a worldly context, as interpreted through the hand.

This is the circular natural law which we are all governed by – we are a product of the environment and forces operating upon us, and at the same time we influence the environment and governing forces around us.

Another important law of quantum palmistry is that two apparently unrelated things can have a strong influence upon each other. For example, you may enter a room where there are other people and feel a certain type of atmosphere, such as excitement, happiness, tenseness, or anger, etc. This atmosphere influences how you feel. So in quantum palmistry the structure of the hand, shape of the thumb, finger prints and general array of all your lines and the world you live in all influence each other in ways we don’t truly understand. Quantum physics is also not able to explain this phenomenon but we all know it exists.

Just as an electron is made up of smaller particles, so are our realities. For example, love is not a singular entity. Nothing is really what it seems. Reality is only a construct of a set of combinations. For example, love can be made up of lust, passion, affection, need for affinity, sense of dependence, need to dominate, excitement, sense of duty, and many other characteristics and feelings. Therefore any event, situation, person, or future reality can be said to be multi-dimensional. If we take a job, the job may not be about the money, the challenge, the status, the security, the membership of the group, but some of or all of the above. Therefore when reading any palm we must be critically aware of these multiple dimensions as they affect our motivations, responses from others, sense of drive, and ultimately the reality we make for ourselves. All lines, shapes, and environment must be seen simultaneously. Quantum palmistry recognizes that multiple meanings exist in the world and we must live within these multiple meanings.

Consequently, nothing is truly what it appears to be. And this is true both of our self and of the world out there. Potential futures and success may be hidden from us by our personal doubts and emotions. We may actually not understand the complex array of emotions within ourselves. Likewise, in the outside world, why things happen can have many different interpretations based upon different motivations of people. Quantum palmistry can unlock some of these mysteries and help us understand the “why” about ourselves and the world. Knowing “why” is an enormously powerful wisdom in itself.

This is the big difference between traditional palmistry and quantum palmistry. Traditional palmistry is yin orientated (i.e., what is read solely from your hand), quantum palmistry is both yin and yang orientated (the reading of the whole). Quantum palmistry recognizes that all is connected and both yin and yang determine our destiny.

Quantum palmistry can help a person find the emotional barriers and ‘negative mind-flows’ that prevent them for performing to their best potential. Our emotions may act like a prison cell that prevents a person going out into the world and being a great parent, entrepreneur, or contented person. Through quantum palmistry we can see these psychic prisons and develop strategies to overcome and free oneself of these emotional imprisonments.

In quantum palmistry time doesn’t exist except within our mind. This is a great freedom because we can learn how not to let past disappointments or future expectations shackle our mind. With freedom from time we can live in the now and create the future as it comes without living in the past, which is only a memory. Likewise a dream can be a delusion. Quantum palmistry can give us the wisdom we have of the day, rather than fears of the past and hopes of the future that bias our decision making.

Quantum palmistry recognizes the unpredictability of the world, but helps us set a path to a desired destiny that we can focus and channel our energy upon. The palm is the superimposed nexus between yourself and the outside world.

I hope you will agree with me and see quantum palmistry as a potential tool to find our personal wisdom and uncover our inner knowledge. Over future articles I will guide you through all the elements of quantum palmistry and show you how they help us see the whole.

Looking forward to taking you on this quantum journey.              

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Emanuel Paparella2013-02-05 12:33:49
Intriguing idea: it's a a quantum and not a Newtonian world we live in, so let's get rid of the chains of time and history and we shall exist Plato's cave and arrive at the freedom to fully live in the present. Vico and Hegel must surely be turning in their grave.

Leah Sellers2013-02-07 05:33:35
Brother Emanuel,
Then Vico and Hegel are rolling to a Quantum Turn - ha ! Now, that is a "grave" situation.
Dear Mr. Yoshifumi,
I am in agreement with you ,Sir, and am looking forward to more of your articles.
I have been using Quantum Meditation and Songs to try and heal my body since the ignoble insurance companies and their lawyers have ruined the Workers Compensation System in Texas.
My results are slow, but I can feel an internal Healing Energy gathering within me, and my stamina is improving. Within a year, I hope to no longer be hobbling and limping in pain through my days, but to, once again, be Walking Tall (or as tall as a five foot five woman can - ha !).
Thank you for Sharing your Wisdom and Gifts with all of us, Sir.

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