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The Dragon, the Snake, and the Horse - the coming year ahead The Dragon, the Snake, and the Horse - the coming year ahead
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-02-10 11:18:33
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Happy new year to all. Being my first article for the year it may be a very good idea to focus on the yin and yang of palmistry, and the coming year ahead.  

So you may ask what is the yin and yang of palmistry.

When we read our palm we are concerned with the inside of ourselves; this is the yin. However what happens to us is not completely dependent upon the yin, everything happens in the yang, which is the outside environment, the world we live in.

Next week we will go back to the yin, but today let's have a look at the yang of the coming year, the big picture and how it will relate to ourselves.

First lets briefly review the year of the Dragon.

As you have seen the Dragon year was full of change. Japan had a new Prime Minister, the US had an election, The EU had a crisis, and the Arab world is still in turmoil. So the Dragon year was a year of change.

Now the coming year of the snake. As you know a snake must maneuver through wriggling it's body from side to side. This implies that everything takes time and things are not always as direct as we think. So with the snake, nothing is really as it seems. World events will be complex, just like the wriggling snake in the first part of the year.

However in the second half of the year your destiny will be influenced by the type of snake you meet. The white snake is a messenger. If you see this snake in your dreams or metaphorically in the world, you will be happy and successful. However if you meet up with a poisonous snake like the cobra, it could serve you a fatal blow. Finally if you meet up with an anaconda it will eat you up and take your life away.

So what does this mean in your life? You must be patient for the next six months, resist the temptation to jump up like a bull in a china shop, look, see, and try to understand what's happening in your life. Prepare for what is coming and identify the type of snake you meet.

If you make that identification, you will be able to plan accordingly.

The year of the snake is a year for thinking and reflection, not doing. Because the year of the horse is going to be a wild one. No one can control a wild horse, so expect life to execrate, where there is no time to think. 

So yang outcomes depend upon your yin reflection.

This is the year to reflect and the evolving lines on your palm (they are not static) which relate to your talents and abilities belong to you. The key here is to relate these talents and abilities to the yang world outside to achieve success.

Nothing is fixed, nothing is static, everything is ever changing all the time because of your health, occupation, family situations, and other events going on around you.

Remember what you read on your palm depends upon the events and circumstances of the world outside.

You must understand that life itself is only full of potential probabilities. It's up to you.

This is what quantum palmistry is all about.

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Thanos2013-02-10 11:32:36
Happy New Year!!!

Emanuel Paparella2013-02-10 12:09:58
The paradox of the yin and the yang would suggests that one is impossible without the other, they are two sides of the same coin. So, there is Darwin with his ever-changing evolving world, and there is Plato with his Forms, eternal, absolute, unchanging. There is Heraclitus and there is Parmenides. There is Marx and there is Smith and Mill. The fascist mind set, be it on the extreme right or on the extreme left, cannot bear the thought that it is possible to keep the two together without logical contradiction, or at least bridge them. It cannot bear the thought that Newtonian physics may be giving way to quantum mechanics, that a God could become Man, that two things could be in two different places at the same time; so it proceeds to reduce the complexity and the paradox of reality to its lowest common denominator. In philosophy it goes by the name of reductionism. By reducing everything to its lowest common denominator one dissolves most conflicts and distinctions. Some have called that process globalization. If there are any negatives to be assigned they don’t belong to globalization per se, only to its side effects and those are reducible too. Others have called it inevitable progress, social Darwinism, and modernity. That too is the yin and the yang! Happy quantum yin and yang.

Leah Sellers2013-02-11 07:05:15
Dear Mr. Yoshifumi,
I was born in the year of the Horse. I have also been around, worked and played in some form or fashion with Horses the entirity of my Life.
Sir, I mean no offense, but all Horses - even Wild Horses can be controlled when you have taken the Time and Patience to show them that you Love and Care for them, and Seek an amicable relationship with them through the Strengths of Understanding Them - their Language and Body Language, and the Yin and Yang of their Hooves, as They simultaneously Learn to Understand, Accept and Appreciate yours.
Horses can Read the Yin and Yang of every Humans Palms, because Our Hands are often Communicating many things to them through Touch.
Also, it's best if One always thinks ahead, and be very Aware of (and Alert within) their Environment, and those in their Environment while dealing with All Horses, Wild or Tame.
Then when the Horse has their own Interanl agreement to allow you on Its back without a fuss or Life threatening thrill ride, the Human, if Knowledgable in the Ways of Horses can Look Forward to an interesting and fulfilling equestrian journey.
As for Sepents, I have a reoccuring dream of having flown off of Earth and into Space. While floating in Space and looking down at Earth I see four brilliant Rainbow-colored Feathered Serpents flying in my direction forming the shape of a four-sided diamond. I always wake up just before they reach me feeling as though I've missed some important message of Knowledge.
Perhaps this year, I'll get the message - ha !
Happy New Year, Sir ! Sounds as if we're all in for One Wild Ride of one sort or another.

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