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Palmistry (Part 11): The Life Line and Your Financial Destiny Palmistry (Part 11): The Life Line and Your Financial Destiny
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-01-30 11:43:34
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Today we are going to take a look at the life line as an indicator of energy required to pursue wealth.

palm11_01_400Generally speaking the larger the curve the more energy and motivation one has to pursue wealth. This curve also relates to our sense of self efficacy and power over our own destiny, thus the large curve indicates that one feels confident and energized to pursue what they believe is their financial destiny.

In contrast the smaller curved life line (A) indicates a person has a passive introvert type of personality. In addition this person has humble ambitions and doesn't feel the need to compete with others. Their desire for financial wealth is low.

However if your life line is small but you have vertical lines going up from the life line, your financial rewards will depend upon your effort put in. Then you may be able to develop power, position, and influence within your job, or business you run. And finally money will come.

If you have a line like (B) heading towards your indicator finger, you are able to grab power which will lead to fortune. I would suspect many politicians may have this line.

Of you have a line running parallel to the fate line (C) you may have lots of property coming your way without having to make any major efforts to acquire it. You may become a successful land speculator or even developer with this line.

The (D) line indicates your position will improve during your career very easily. Be prepared to rise up through the organization your work for and of course obtain the financial rewards from regular promotions.

When the life line separates near the wrist to the left with a lot of shadowy lines shooting out (E), these people are curious, but at the same time quickly bored and will move on to new jobs that bring them excitement. These people cannot stay the same place for long and are very likely to work overseas in another country.  Their success will come in another country.

Next week we will look at your fortune and financial success from the point of view of the wisdom line.

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