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The Mount of our Hours The Mount of our Hours
by David Sparenberg
2013-01-30 11:43:21
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To grow into maturity, to attain to the level of genuine responsibility, there are certain initiating movements which must take place.  Perhaps there is a shuddering followed by the process and the art of breaking open?  This is so similar to a seed in dark soil, that must quake and rend and emerge from the thick, tight husk that hold it in dormancy—and without which there can be neither a stalk to bear a flower or a root to sustain a tree.
Here in the human condition it may go like this: Time is a crucifixion, where all pain and torment becomes known and all trust and dreams of alignment gather in questioning and prayer.  Through time a person is given shape and in the trial of making and discovery an image too of God, or Higher Consciousness, Higher Being, is shaped into a likeness of heart’s profoundest (secret) longing.
Eventually, life turns around, in searching and recognition, wonderment and humility, and a person comes close to both regret and commitment.  Regret for time wasted, for poor choices, for wounds inflicted and wrongs done; commitment to betterment that embraces others and equally the sacrament of otherness.  From the warmth of such embraces there is development, the lover’s desire for maturity, the welcoming of responsibility.  How alike and akin such is to the green shoot that loves the falling rain and the warming sun!
But this is not to say we can go back, reverse ourselves and undo or refine what was before.  The past is of the past and the dead must bury the dead.
We do not try longer to deny, sidestep, or hid the wounds we carry.  But in humility of human grace and beauty, we begin to free ourselves to ascend the mount of our hours, unpretentious, unassuming, unashamed of the stigmata of  vulnerability.
Through this does our name become presence and our words of identity become blessings.  And while we are no longer an iceberg or a shadow, we are not all and everything either; rather a living space, a cultivation, and a ripening of invitation.
David Sparenberg
25 Jan. 2013

From LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, Volume Two, a work-in-progress. Volume One is currently available as a free ebook download from OVI, HERE !

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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-30 12:00:09
Thanks for these timely reflections David. The stages of how a human being matures supported by that wonderful metaphor of the seed beneath the snow which sprouts and flourishes in spring time and matures in summer time, is certainly more inspiring and more relevant to our human condition than the stages of economic development, buttressed by venality and greed, culminating in individual or collective amassing of wealth. Indeed, not by bread alone does man live.

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