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The Smile Inside The Smile Inside
by Kittirat Yothangrong
2013-01-23 09:57:53
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Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile
Smile inside your mind, small smile inside your mind
Become fresh, become cheerful
Come, come, come, come, come
Come practice your smile inside your mind,
Life be full of happiness, life be full of happiness,
If your mind has a smile,
Go, go, go, go, go,
Doesn't matter anywhere we go,
Any problem you can pass,
Any suffering you can beat when your mind has a smile.

This is a little song that I sometimes sing to myself when I'm feeling down. Inside our life we have lots of problems, worry, things to be upset about, anger, seriousness, worry, grief, and sorrow. This all comes from thinking too much about things going on around us. Something we all share as humanity.

We never turn inside ourselves to look for that something special we have. Inside of ourselves we have all the answers, all the strength, all the confidence, and all the courage we need to get by in life. It's all in our mind, so what the secret is?

In our life we make ourselves happy by doing things that take lots of planning and even money, just like that vacation at Le Meridian or Disneyland. This takes time and money. We do all this in the pursuit of something very simple: a smile and the inner happiness that comes with it. Some people go to all this trouble, and don't even get to smile because they are too tired. The pursuit of inner happiness can be so stressful and even deadly.

Why do humans have to search so far for their inner happiness?

So here's the alternative. The holiday you can have when you don't go on holiday. The revival of your happiness without going on a stressful pursuit of it half way around the world.  You only have to travel inside of your mind.

So here is the key for you about how to find that little bit of inner happiness.

Just stop for a minute. Sit down, relax, or even just stand there. Do this now while you are reading my article. Breathe in and smile with your mind. Breathe out and feel the inner smile and happiness. You can do this anytime to replenish your happiness, calm down your stress, and decrease your anxiety.

Practice this regularly and you will start to feel good each and every day.  You may over time even feel like it's a waste of time to get angry over things that may in the long run right themselves anyway.

Our inner smile helps us personally develop and become much more aware about the things going on around us. You will start to see things through a happy light, rather than a negative or pessimistic light. It won't matter whether you hear good or bad things your mind will still smile. Your smell and taste will become much more sensitive and appreciative of what you experience. Your body will be able to experience pain and discomfort without making you unhappy.

When you smile your threshold to suffering and pain will dramatically rise and your outlook to life will become very much more positive.

So remember you happiness is just the smile inside.


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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-23 10:25:38
Insightful counsel indeed! The outward smile can easily be misinterpreted as mere condescension, or irony, or paternalism, even deception, and may lead to resentment and enmity, while the more secret inner smile is just for our own minds and our own selves and reinforces our patience, forbearance and tolerance; it is more often than not the wiser option. But there are times when the outer smile is also needed and necessary. Good teachers seem to know intuitively which is the most appropriate under the circumstances.

Eva2013-01-23 13:21:17
So happy to read something uplifting, thanks! And yes, I'm smiling! :)

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