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Turn your Guns into Medicine Bundles Turn your Guns into Medicine Bundles
by David Sparenberg
2013-01-20 11:25:15
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This is what I have to say.  Do not reply on thinking.  Thinking is a labyrinth. Do not reply on belief.  Belief alone but rarely saves in face of clear and present danger. Even less when danger is everywhere.
Turn your guns into medicine bundles.  Animals do not need for you to hunt them.  And the wild ruins are in need of healing.  Turn your greed into global banqueting.  Quench thirst; satisfy hunger.  Stop rape and stop killing; bring closure and an end to war.  Abolish, once again, the criminal disgrace of slavery, wherein, in our troubled time, whole generations of women and children suffer exploitation, debasement, brutal treatment, and inhuman life.
This ground here—this is sacred ground. Everywhere there is the longing for liberation.  This Earth here is a living holiness.  Do not keep freedom and the democratization of creation denied by bloodshed.
Live in reverence, respect and honoring.  No more continue to turn this habitation of the beauty way into a waste place and sewer of death.  No more continue to be as we have been too long.  Reach, as if in regression, into a future beyond all memories except for the memory of origin.
This is all I can say now.  My words are wounds and nails.  Yet my words are akin to little runnels of light; they are similar to hands reaching out.  If you are listening, those who hear will be heard.  If you are looking, those who see will be seen.  If you are calling out, your voices are collected on petals of the cosmic rose and your names are spoken on flutters of twilight. 
And if you feel, as one feels who is touched, you have already the feeling of grace and know that sanity is possible.  And that even in the late, or final, hour, you, in your courage, in your soul of roses, will embody one awaited miracle.
David Sparenberg
16 Jan. 2013

from LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, Volume Two, a work-in-progress. Volume One is currently available as a free ebook download from OVI, HERE .

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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-20 14:27:45
Amen to that my dear friend David. A very much needed salutary reminder that in the age of culture wars, ideological wars, holy wars, jihads galore, inevitable progress, savage capitalism and criminal exploitation of nature and people, the age of relativism, logical positivism and scientism, the age of power madness when two wrongs make a right and might is right, sanity is still possible despite it all, if only we had the hope of a goal and the courage of a turn around to recover our lost humanity and begin the long journey in fear and trembling, that is to say, to return back to the future of the ancient wisdom of our better nature.

Even more particularly and existentially personal, two short days ago I hurried to the hospital to behold my newest granddaughter Adriana just born a few hours before. As I looked at her with deep emotion and joy a sense of trepidation and sadness, even shame, overcame me at the mere recollection of the kind of shabby legacy and tradition we may be building and leaving to our posterity. Hopefully that will not discourage me from the journey still ahead. What did Heidegger say? Only a god can save us now! Nevertheless, hope springs eternal. Perhaps a conspiracy of hope is still possible.

Leah Sellers2013-01-26 20:16:06
Dear David,
Sir, Beautiful Words and Ideas, Beautifully Given from a Beautiful Soul. Thank you.

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