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Berserk Alert! #018 Berserk Alert! #018
by Tony Zuvela
2013-01-17 11:37:27
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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-17 12:25:18
Reinventing the wheel or retiring the horse? At the outset cars looked like carriages without a horse, which was given a pension and retired, and it was branded as "inevitable progress"!

Leah Sellers2013-01-17 21:45:57
This deserves a Horse Laugh !
I once shared my Life with a beautiful black and white paint quarter horse, with oceanic blue eyes named, Easter (Resurrection).
I used to go out into the field, at the end of the day, with a canvas chair, and read under the shade of the trees, while watching Easter cavort around with his Horse Pals.
One day, he decided to stand directly behind me with his large, glorious head hanging right over my shoulder. I got the feeling that he was reading my book on Eygptology right along with me.
However, he was obviously reading faster than I was, because he unexpectedly began butting my book with his nose, and nibbling at the page with his lips, until he turned it.
I got so tickled and laughed so loud that I'm pretty sure that I offended him.
Despite my lovingly petting him on the neck and head, he bscked up, turned his bottom toward me, lifted his tail and tooted loudly. He then calmly sauntered off to be with his Horse Buddies once again.
On other days, while doing art projects outside on an outdoor table in the field, Easter would mosey over and touch all of my art and carving tools, and paints with his whiskered lips.
One day I placed a paint brush in his mouth. While he chewed my paintbrush down to a knub (ha !) I helped him do a Work of Horse Art on a large piece of art paper.
I must admit that he a profound sense of proportional and very artfully colorful Horse Sense.
Thanks for the Laugh and the Precious Memories.

Tony Zuvela2013-01-18 12:26:30
Hi Leah,
Many thanks for that.And many thanks for putting in the time to type and tell your story. Cheers again! :)

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