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Berserk Alert! #017 Berserk Alert! #017
by Tony Zuvela
2013-01-15 10:55:14
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Get it off your chest
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Leah Sellers2013-01-16 05:49:08
I've had moments on very long car trips (with no stops between point A and point B) when I have felt and looked just like Morty.

Tony Zuvela2013-01-16 12:56:10
Lucky you're not a Mossie though, Leah. Cheers!

Leah Sellers2013-01-16 20:04:03
Forgive my ignorance, dear Tony, but is Mossie the skinny little blood sucker (not urine holder) to the left of Mortie ?
Are they a Husband and Wife (or just shack up) team - Mortie and Mossie Mosquitos ? Is Mossie short for Mosquito ?
Ignorance of a subject can be quite sucking of one's Energies - whew !

Tony Zuvela2013-01-17 00:29:44
Hi,Leah.Yes,Mossie or Mozzie is Australian Slang for the Mosquito, that's all. Cheers again! :)

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