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The Schizophrenic American Republican Gaga Gaggle The Schizophrenic American Republican Gaga Gaggle
by Leah Sellers
2013-01-10 11:06:39
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The American Republican Gaga Gaggle of the 112th and possibly the 113th Congresses has become destructively Schizophrenic.
A Gaga is a “glove or a cap cast on the ground as a pledge of combat or a token of defiance”.  That State of Being (or non-Being) is a very accurate description and depiction of today’s (and hopefully not future tomorrows) Republican Gaggle.

Why Republican Gaggle and not Party ?  Well, for the most part this group of Politicians are anything but the Fun most folks associate with Parties.  But they are often very disconcertingly loud and confusingly noisy like an aroused or over stimulated flock (Gaggle) of geese (no insult to Geese as a species or an instantaneously quick-pooping whole intended).
Why Schizophrenic ?  The Republican Gaga Gaggle has definitely lost contact with their Environment (and the diverse Needs of their American We the People) due to a severe group personality disintegration.  They no longer really Know who they are.  And thusly have taken to role playing the Mad Hatters overseeing an out-of-hand Tea Party full of Gaggle-bags in their self-made and self-perpetuated Tower of Babel.
The Republican Gaga Gaggle has gone into Denial regarding the diversity of our state and national Populations and Real Life plain old ordinary Needs of the American public.  When their Schizophrenic and short-sighted Eyes look into their cloudy Mirrors of un-Reality, they only See a Gaggle of upper class White Men many of whom share a common view of their own personal statewide and nationwide Supreme and Customized Apartheid and Misogyny.
The American Republican Gaga Gagglers, due to their loss of Themselves - their Identity - have become a danger to ThemSelves, America and the World-at-large.  Because Schizophrenics do not always Listen to the Better or more Reasonable Voices in their Heads.  Instead, they have a tendency to Listen to the Reactionary Voices of their Fears - their Paranoias from the Fringe.  The Voices which can foment Self and Other destructive Actions and Non-Actions that wend up eventually damaging and/or destroying the Schizophrenic Entity and their Environment as a Whole.  
The Schizophrenic Republican Gaga Gagglers’ ideologies primarily focus on the diminishment and cruel disintegration of Others while enlarging and hypocritically ingratiating Themselves (and fellow Democrats) with a pay raise (while telling Everyone else in America to tighten their pocketbooks - the very pocketbooks they are taking their raises from), and other opportunistic wheelings-and-dealings (along with some Democrats as well) that are offered to them by Corporate and other Outside Forces.
The Schizophrenic Republican Gaga Gagglers have amassed in particular in many American state legislatures and are undoing Laws and Social Programs which protect Women, the Working Poor, the Jobless Poor, the Vulnerable, Unions (and Collective Bargaining), Children and Minorities.  They are working hard to unravel the very Social Safety Nets that help to stabilize our State and National Societies.
While crying out for the rights of unborn Babes, the Schizophrenic Republican Gaga Gagglers are dismantling the very Social Services that help to protect and help impoverished Parents raise their Children (after they are born) to be Healthy, Happy and well Educated Citizens.
The Schizophrenic Republican Gaga Gagglers have also learned a Behavior Pattern that they often Use (or is that mis-Use) called Obstructionism or the Just Say No Syndrome (sigh), which over time can become most tiresome to any Forward Thinking Nation, like America, which groans in disappointed frustration over being stuck in the mud and mire of Republican Gaga Gaggle discontent and mean spirited, filibustering, stalling, sputtering political hijinx and over inflated, oxygen depriving national and international Drama.
For example, the Republican Gaga Gaggle continually says (just like petulant Schizophrenicly tantruming Children) “If all of y’all don’t do things exactly and rigidly Our Way regarding Debt Reduction we’ll stampede the entire Country off of the Fiscal Cliff and push and plunge America and the rest of the World into Economic Chaos by refusing to extend the Debt Ceiling and continuing to pay for our already accrued bills and debts.  And we’ll do it with twistedly pleased little smirky smiles upon our silly Game Playing faces.  Because if we can’t have things Our Way - if we can’t create a World of harsher and more unjust Austerity upon the already economically suffering Middle Class, Working Poor and Jobless Poor who have been badly effected/affected by previous unwise and shady political and economic decisions by previous national and global leaders which Profited only a very Few nationally and globally, then we’ll throw the Baby out with the Bath Water !  Whaaa !  We’ll turn the Wine into Vinegar !  Yuck !  We’ll Light a match and torch the entire Town - the entire Country - the entire World.  Whoosh !  That’s how Compassionately Christian (because we are the Christian Party/ Gaggle don’t you know) and distantly punishing we are - we wanna be toward you puny little 47%ers.  We may have lost the presidential election, but we’ll show you just how malignantly and destructively Powerful we can be as a minority in the Senate and a majority in the House of Representatives.  And don’t tell us that we need to Compromise, ‘cause we’ll spit in your faces and on all of your Bridge-Building Ideas in the name of Wholly Holy Fiscal Solvency (whatever that really is or really means) !”
America needs Tax Reform.  No more deliberately complicated loopy loop holes, and shadowy hidden Bank Accounts for the 1%ers, 1.5%ers and 2%ers,  Mega Corporations and other Mega-Entities to slip and slide through.  Now that would bring about some real Revenue for the American Federal Government’s coffers and vaults.  But the Republican Gaga Gaggle is more interested in pushing and plunging Everyone off of the Debt Ceiling Grand Canyon, and wishing Everyone God’s Speed on the way down.  That’ll Teach Everyone not to mess with the Fiscal Solvency and Issues of the Schizophrenic Republican Gaga Gaggle !  We’re dazed, lost and extremely confused, and we intend to Make Our Reality The Reality for Everyone else.  It’s only fair that We all share in the Schizophrenic Gaga Gaggle frenzy of a World gone maddeningly GaGa !
It doesn’t matter that almost every Nation of the World is Connected to and inDebted to one another (because We World Leaders and Movers and Shakers all want and need for the already fixed and rigged Economic Games to Be that way), and that all of this hoopla about Fiscal Cliffs and Debt Ceilings is just Schizophrenic Gabby Gagaing of our very own Imaginings and Machinationings.
Debts are here today and gone in the very same day at the click of a mouse or the pop and electronic sizzle of some unseen algorithim devoid of any meaningful traces of BioRhythms.  
It’s all Smoke ’n Mirrors, and dark process of America’s allowing herself to be tricked into losing her Fiscal Surplus to two very annihilatingly hungry and long lasting Wars overseas that have never been paid for much less truly ended.
How does one really and meaningfully end Wars that are never really and meaningfully declared Wars ?  It’s a Profitable Quandary benefiting a Few, and an Expensive, Depleting and Deadly Destructive Quandary hurting and decimating the Many.  
But shush !  Mum’s the word !  Because we can’t have We the People all knowing that America’s National Debt is primarily due to unPaid Wars and not America’s Social Safety Nets (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid…etc.) that we Gaga Gagglers intend to continue blaming for our Economic woes so that we can eventually slice and dice that very same Social Safety Net at our maniacal Schizophrenic leisure.
A penny not Saved and not Earned due to War (particularly unnecessary Wars) is inValuable to the National and Global Players who Need the Wars to Gain a sizeable Profit and/or Stance of Pomp and Circumstantial Power, at the expense of someone else’s arms, legs and Lives, the Deadly Creature of War itself, and the Fiscally stimulating Ripple Effects of the War to begin with.  Bang ! Kaboom !  Ching !  Ching !
You see, most Schizophrenic Republican Congressional Gaga Gagglers Love their Guns and War Hawking, because it proves how Brave and Patriotic they are when they send someone else’s Children - someone else’s Family members off to fight their Profitable-For-A-Few-But-Not-For-The-Many-Wars (because most, though not all, of their Children and Family members get deferrals from War for one reason or another).  But We the People will never hear the Gaga Gagglers speak of such things to anyone, because it would revealingly make them appear to be somewhat selfishly unPatriotic and Cowardly because they prefer to Not Do unto themselves what they ever so willingly Do unto Others.  Oops !
Obviously, Sanity is not all it’s cracked up to be, but then again neither are the Political, Cultural and Economic Dramatic Games played with the manipulative, paralyzing and crippling Fiscal Cliffs, National and International Borrowings and Spendings, amongst the American and Global Gaga Gagglers of the World.
Wouldn’t it be refreshingly surprising to instead of catching them at their next Filibuster or Just Say No Voting Rally, to find the Republican Congressional Gaga Gagglers embracing one another in a Therapeutic Group Hug, Finding and Integrating themselves into a cohesive and functioning Political Entity.  To witness them Glad-Handing one another and fellow Democrats with Words of Hopeful and Compromising Expectation and Good Will toward All ?
Now that would be something to excitedly Gaggle about !

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Emanuel Paparella2013-01-10 14:09:19
“Self-perpetuated tower of Babel”! That is an intriguing and quite appropriate description of what is going on in the present politically conservative climate of the US Congress.

The ancient Greeks used to quip that those whom the gods would punish, they first drive mad. Similarly, it is the gods’ ultimate punishment nowadays to take language, which is the primordial rational attempt by humankind to make sense of reality and create order, and transform into an apocaliptic instrument for utter confusion and destruction and madness. People may speak the same language but they simply do not understand each other, mostly because there is no listening to the other no matter how fast the instruments of communication have gotten, there is only a bully-like proud of its onw ignoranc pervasive ideological fanaticism bereft of any wisdom.

Paradoxically, the creature who has made itself a god or sort and has surrounded himself with ideological idols, discovers that not only that those idols will not save him, but that in the end there is the Word by which to turn reality upside-down; for language liberates but it also enslaves when abused. Language, via the tower of Babel, reminds us of our utter ethical bankruptcy we may have reached parading as ideological purity and that indeed, the emperor is naked.

Leah Sellers2013-01-11 00:35:00
Indeed, Brother Emanuel,
In fact, not only is the emperor naked, but We All are - ha ! Naked as Baby Jay Birds - ha !
Knowing that, and Living that, is Liberating, indeed, Dear sir.
But this Naked Baby Jay Bird envisions a World in which All Birds (of all feathers) can walk around naked in a Safe, Comfortable, Fair, Just, and Loving Environment which Benefits Everyone - not just the louder, more aggressive, more argumentative, more divisive, raucous, and ravenously greedy Few. Caw !!!!!

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