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Cobalt blue is the color of my sky Cobalt blue is the color of my sky
by Bohdan Yuri
2016-05-19 11:10:38
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cobalt blue is the color of my sky
when I can’t see what’s in my sight,
a painted palette lends a cold hint
of shades to mix to hide lost sins.

my hand shakes, flees from shame,
unknown virtues make me insane;
stall the game until my wanting heart
protects its shadows hiding in the dark.

I’m blue inside, why am I so screwed,
my blood, misleading red, oozes through;
the ghosts of memories set to contrive,
losing breath with each false stride.

this bridge I cross, near ocean’s end,
tempts my guilt to leap from its edge;
untold glories were anxious to unfold,
I’ve dreamed them all, yet to behold.

in my midnight journey I seek the light
to end the time spent with my fright;
and the shrouded sky stays cobalt blue,
as it may lend a distant plan, to soothe.



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Nikos Laios2016-05-19 11:27:34
I like it, great poem!

bohdan2016-05-22 07:34:16
Thank you, Nikos. I enjoy reading your poems.

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