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Welcome To Security World ! Welcome To Security World !
by Leah Sellers
2013-01-01 10:25:12
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That’s right, Folks.  Step right up and Walk into a World of Your Choosing - of Your Making.  A World full of Guns.  A World ripe (or is that rotten) for the National and Global Helpful Armed Security Guards (HASG).

All Helpful and All Armed in order to Guard Your Security.

We’re here to Protect you from All that You Fear.  All that might Terrorize, Frighten or Gun You down in a multi-clip, quasi military (or suicidal) blaze of Societal or Individual Rage filled Glory.

Helpful Armed Security Guards (HASG) are trained to Protect You and Serve the privatized (but governmentally supported) Mega-Corporations complicit with executive, legislative and judicial head noddin’, side-winkin’, shoulder shruggin’, elbow jabbin’, back turnin’ behaviors inherent within Our milkin’ and bilkin’ the billions and trillions of dollars You the People will keep pourin’ into All of the Helpful Armed Security Guards bloated Corporate (but free wheelin’-and-dealin’ privatized) pockets.  Don’t worry Your money is Guardedly Secure with Us.  And the NRA will probably be very supportive of the donations we’ll send their way so that they can continue their noble support of the Second Amendment for All Americans and All Weapon Industries nationally and around the World.

That’s right !  We intend to head the Movement toward Twenty-four hour surveillance everywhere and anywhere on the Globe.

Imagine it !  Helpful Armed Security Guards at every School.  Mandatory Concealed Hand Gun training and Continued Multi-Clip Gun Education for every Teacher (also offered by HASG - ching !  Ching !) in every Classroom across America (and eventually the World).  It’s Capitalistic Free enterprise at it’s best !

We’ll Securely Patrol, Bug and have an occasional Drone buzz by everyone’s Homes, Apartments, Places of Employment, Modes of Transportation, Telephones, Computers, Ipods, Ipads, Kindles. Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Mom and Pop Stores, Super Stores, Hospitals, Libraries, Rest Rooms…etc.,  in order to make sure that no Terroristic Plots or Psychopathic Plans are being hatched or cooked up anywhere on the Planet to harm You the People.  Buzz !  Buzz !  Ching !  Ching !

Our Helpful Armed Security Guards will Suspect, Question and Profile everyone (no discrimination allowed).  Everyone will be considered Guilty before proven Innocent.

Why You ask ?  Why do We Care ?  We don’t really.  We just want the Mega-Profits, Power and Control over the Fear-based, trigger-happy Masses Our Security Efforts and Sales will bring to all of Our various Mega-Corporation Holdings, political, legal beagle and judicial cronies and cohorts.

We’ll get Rich, Richer, Richest off of You the People’s Fear and lack of Respectful Disciplined Civility, which We all know is the cohesive glue of all Healthy Societies and Civilizations.

In fact, we’ll sell You the People the weapons You all use to protect and kill YourSelves with, and then prod You into hiring Our Helpful Armed Security Guards (HASG) to Protect you all from one another.

It’s a Win-Win Roulet Game for all of us Mega-Corporations who greedily feed upon Profits and Primitive, Reptilian Human Being Non-Thinking Behaviors.

Pull a little Manipulative String here, push a few Psychological Buttons there (we’re good at it because we’ve been at it for years), have a massacre of a group of people anywhere, and who ya’ gonna call ?  Your Helpful Armed Security Guards (HASG).  Arm Yourselves (with Our weapons) and Hire Us !  You’ve got nothin’ to lose, but your over rated Private Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, Peace of Mind, and your Life (if We happen to mis-take You for the enemy). 

That’s right !  We’re here to Suppress the Oppressors while actually becoming Suppressors and Oppressors during the process.  Whew !  Now that oughta’ make your cartridges spin in dizzy confusion and gun smoke.

So get ready, Folks and Welcome to Security World.  Our Helpful Armed Security Guards are headed Your way.  Arm YourSelves and Hire Us !

Feel Safe yet ?

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Murray Hunter2013-01-01 11:22:31
And leah dont forget. You can hire a drone for your next party as well. They shoot first and ask questions later. This is one of the common attractions of parties like wedding parties in the Middle East. The export of American cultute perhaps that some people call globalism

And just to cap it off leah, security is more important than starvation. http://www.opendemocracy.net/helen-lackner/yemen%E2%80%99s-priorities-feed-starving-children-or-security

What an hiliarious world we live in. Who are the terrorists?

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