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Palmistry (Part 10): Financial security 2 Palmistry (Part 10): Financial security 2
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-12-29 09:50:48
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Last week we discussed financial security from the point of view of your talents, abilities, and motivations represented by the size of your hand and shape of your fingers. This week I will add a number of lines and marks that will enrich your reading.

palm10_400"A" represents the success line which indicates position or status that may also lead to fame. It is also linked to property. A long success line indicates success and fame. However this may not necessarily correlate with money, although it may come later. To the contrary, when the success line is short, you may lack fame, but have money. This line can actually appear and disappear during your life. When it appears, you can be sure that a challenge is in front of you.

"B" is the property line, which indicates your luck with land and property. People with this line have good vision and sensitivity to fluctuations and hence may make good money market analysts or stock brokers.

Usually the "C" and "D" lines are difficult to see. These line configurations are powerful as the put the success, property and fate lines together. In the Shinto tradition this represents being overseen and looked after by the "goddess of luck", giving you a very special knack for creating a large fortune. I must point out that this is extremely rare.

"E" represents a mark like a circle near the nail of the thumb. This is a mark of great patience which will only after a very long period of time result in great success.

If a circle appears on the pointer finger along either the second or third joint "F" this indicates that what you wish for will eventually come true.

A circle around the top of the ring finger "G" indicates that you may have great unexpected success such as your book becoming a best seller, or your restaurant becoming an instant success leading to franchising around the country.

Circles along the middle and base of the ring finger "H" indicate wonderful success in the future where large amounts of money will come.  A triangle mark where "I" is located indicate success at business or commerce.

A star mark like "J" indicates you will have a very difficult time initially in your career or business, and success will not occur without putting in some very hard work over a long period of time.

A line along the upper part of the middle joint of your thumb "J" indicates that you will acquire property, without too many problems through any business you are doing.

A straight line "L" along the ring finger indicates great fame, although as mentioned before doesn't necessarily indicate that fortune will accompany the fame.

Line "M" along the small finger may invent or discover something that will lead to great fortune. This may especially relate to engineers and scientists.

Finally, on very rare occasions people have lines running along all their fingers. in this case these people will have a long life with fortune with no financial difficulties.

This integrated with the size of hand and shape of your fingers adds more insight into your possible fame and fortune. Next week I will add information from the life line, fate line, and wisdom line to enhance further our reading about financial security.

Bye for now.

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