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How it goes How it goes
by David Sparenberg
2012-12-22 10:14:27
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You are a beginning.
Together we become process.
At the core of this process
—the us of togetherness, open
and with purpose—
there is dialogue.
This dialogue
is the miracle-threat of
We translate ourselves into it.
Thus we are
while thus we are not!
One individual
calls this “Becoming.”
Another calls it “Meeting.”
More important
than labeling a box
is opening a door
to the Magic Theatre.
More important still
is crossing a threshold.
Tell me this:
Has not anyone anymore
ever heard of friendship?
And what, once upon a time
happened to the tightrope of trust
and the fellowship-flame of courage?
As processes multiply
what originates as a
singular beginning
emerges as movement.
A movement redefines parameters
and sets forth the terms of change.
Recovering our person
we discover the persons of otherness.
As hiding ends
people speak fearlessly
of the embrace of recognition
and transport within
a context-dimensional
and in motion.
Each angel hovers over.
And the philosopher
mouthing Mona Lisa
continues the treatise
on freedom and rebellion.
Turning outward
in the poetry of
searching for what dignifies
excites the blood
in the same capacity that
fire warms a wayfarer’s hands
and elevates the soul.
Out of placement
and simple one step beginnings
the vertical becomes visible
and grows.
A glow of silence
(ancient narratives recite)
surrounds every noble word.
Beyond this
there is little left to say.
I have nearly said enough.
Better to reach out
and do something in good faith
than sit alone in darkness
listening to the ticking
of a clock
—as if to the ticking of a time bomb.
Of course
angst is a common denominator.
To act is better.
David Sparenberg
18 December 2012

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-22 12:30:18
In juxtaposing the cover illustrations in today’s Ovi edition an imaginative mental alchemy of sort takes place, distilled in three concepts transcending words and hinting at the Word: the transcendent, the immanent, and the destructive, indwelling, consciously or subconsciously, in the soul of each human being.

The vertical light from above hints at the Platonic transcendent spiritual “Good,” best found perhaps in the world of religion. The fragrances for the care of the body speak of horizontal immanent material “goods” best discernible perhaps in the market place. The gun in the boy’s hand speaks of the world of senseless destruction encompassing in its rage both the transcendent and immanent, clamoring allegiance in the soul of the young and the impressionable where the transcendent and the immanent confront each other daily with unpredictable results.

And so it goes, plenty of food for thought in those simple pictures, enough to keep one musing for hours…

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