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Walk Lightly Kindred Walk Lightly Kindred
by David Sparenberg
2012-12-16 09:46:44
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What if I say to you (not comfortably but with quiet, edgy conviction) this: You and I, kindred, have a mission—we are called upon.  This mission is not only a messenger service, it is also a vision quest.  How do we see Earth’s future?  Perhaps as a worsening of Dante’s Inferno?  A multiplication of Hiroshima?  A proliferation of Auschwitz?  Perhaps—in an evolutionary leap contrary to human history—a gleaming-green democratizing of Eden?
We must be excellent in our senses—channeling through these natural detectors ancient instincts, primordial sensibilities—skillfully alert, keen with listening, seeing, both naïve and disciplined, and strikingly clever in our speech: brave enough, as if naked, humble enough, powered by truth-force, to talk openly, honesty, soul to soul.
Consider now the traumatic state of the Earth, the rapidly accumulating evidence—tornados off the ocean, northeast, sky high walls of windblown sand, southwest, droughts, floods, quakes, tsunamis—an increasingly evident condition of intercontinental dangers and global, interspecies endangerment.
Our mission, this duty, our responsibility is, in the midst, to bring the dire tidings alchemic with our gospel of reverence for life to the hearts of seekers and believers-ubiquitous: that what is real is radically real, what is anticipated is happening, what is serious is profoundly serious and cannot be blinkered away, dismissed or avoided—what has been hidden in twilight takes form before us, and is now revealed.
We may have already crossed the point of no return; we may today be standing at the threshold of total terrestrial eclipse?  We may already be facing that event horizon, with the horror of dark oblivion shadowing the horror of dark catastrophe?  And look—the fatal clock, denouncing the dream brilliant cosmic clock of Wolfgang Pauli, is wound tightly and edging toward count down to civilization’s final striking!
Look now and see what even stones begin to feel. Listen to what trees, in communities of communion, are hearing, across generations, in the solemnity of winds and weather.  I beseech you—do not turn away!  Turn instead to those who, like unto yourself; known and as yet unknown; quiver in the breath of creation, beside and beyond you.
By believers I do not mean the dogmatics or fanatics, nor the cowards.  I include all who are lovers, who love beyond mere love of self; those who seek for return of the numinous; composed in meditation as pioneers and as gardeners, deep of soul, somewhat wild in heart and are, in quiet ways, practiced with branching out from profound, primordial and evolutionary silence.  Yes, those who experience that they are, like you and I, connected and related, and are choosing to endure, walk lightly, kindred, and belong.
David Sparenberg
10 Sept. 2012

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-16 12:32:24
Indeed David, it is sad to reflect that in two short centuries, since the 19th century and the arrival of its vaunted modern industrial revolution, we have gone from a romanticized view of the earth as our mother to be worshipped and elegized, to be revered and loved, to one of the earth as a mother-whore to be exploited and disrespected.

It consequently appears that those who go around encouraging a leap into progress and modernity, that is to say, from the 19th to the 21st century, are at the very least incapable of envisioning the whole picture (i.e., a holistic view of creation); rather, what they seem to have in mind is mere “progress” measured in utilitarian capitalistic economic benefits and buttressed by a strictly utilitarian relativistic ethics as far away as one can imagine from Kant’s deontological statement proclaiming “the starry night above us and the moral law within us.”

It therefore becomes also quite historically apparent that not everything that arrives at the end of an era and/or civilization is necessarily the best; often within the sad times we live in it is regress pure and simple covered up by scientific jargon proclaiming a necessary determinism contemptuous of genuine human freedom, what used to be called destiny. In short we need fewer greedy capitalists in sheep’s clothing (science and progress) out to foment greed and exploit mother earth and more visionary like yourself encouraging love and reverence for the earth. Keep up your good work.

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-16 15:29:17
I suppose what I was trying to initially articulate in the above statement, to be better developed later on, is the idea that all kindred spirits need at this crucial point of mother earth’s existence to come together in order to go back to the future, restoring basic humanistic values and recovering faith (or trust in the future, which is the etymological root meaning of the word faith in Hebrew) in what is good, truthful and beautiful and abide eternally even if the whole world does not recognize and appreciate those values.

There are several such kindred spirits who contribute regularly to Ovi magazine. We could christen it The Kindred Spirits’ Conspiracy of Hope.

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