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Privatising European healthcare to make it more innovative? I do not think so! Privatising European healthcare to make it more innovative? I do not think so!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2012-12-13 11:33:49
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Recently many leaders in Europe are discussing ways on making Europe and its economy more competitive and promote innovation. And of course  one of the things they love doing in situations like these is to cut the much hated by the capitalists social security funds. Plus privatize everything.

So with those two in mind, many leaders and policy makers in Europe are debating on if we should privatize healthcare, to make it more "innovative!" They want to make us all pay for our health services and allow some people make money out of our health issues.

I strongly disagree. Health must be free and available for all. Health and education are the only two things that I believe they should not be privatized. Private companies may do a good job but they charge a whole lot of money. Why should better health be the privilege of the rich only?

It is the state that must invest in health and education. That is why we are paying all those taxes, aren’t we? Let them privatize everything else but provide their citizens with good health and education. Those two are an investment. If you have a healthy and educated population that is the best investment you could make as a statesman or woman.

Good health means less social welfare for the sick and good education means a capable workforce that can attract investments.Why on earth would you give that on private hands? So any multinational can manipulate the health and education of your population, thus owning the fate of the young and the old or weak?

A private company cares only for money. Little does it care for assisting citizens in need. And the worse example of a bad health service is the USA. They have privatized their social security services and they have one of the worse systems in the world. While Cuba that has kept them in public hands, has one of the best health services in the world.

I am not saying that we all should become like Cuba, but on the health care debate I am absolutely against privatization.


Christos Mouzeviris is the writer of the blog: The Eblana European Democratic Movement


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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-13 16:21:53
This is the same debate we have just had in the US over the presidential race between Romney and President Obama. Fortunately the people chose wisely and rejected savage capitalism and social darwinism. But the issue has not gone away. Now we have the Republican state governors trying to bust workers' unions. The excuse is that it fosters competition, the real reason is that it insures that the income of the middle class continues to stagnate as it has been for the last 30 years while that of the wealthy 2% triples and quadruples. Robinhood in reverse: wealth trikling up to the so called "job creators." Fortunatley as Lincoln observed, one cannot fool all the people all the times.

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