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Palmistry (Part 9): Your financial Security Palmistry (Part 9): Your financial Security
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-12-11 12:19:41
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"She works hard for the money" - Donna Summer

One of the things we feel most anxious about is our financial security and just as the lyrics of the Donna Summer hit suggest, money is something that is not easy for most of us to come by.

According to the ancient principles of palmistry, there is no such thing as easy money. in fact palmistry cannot tell you directly if money is coming your way. If you want to know that go see an astrologer or get a job.  Thus palmistry cannot tell if you are going to win next week's lottery.

Palmistry can only refer to the elements that will enable you to earn a living, i.e., your talents, abilities and motivations. The bottom line are the efforts you make.

In palmistry the simplest way to see whether you have a positive disposition to be financially secure is to  just look at the back of your hand.

 A person with a big hand is generally a conservative guy or gal, who is usually very careful before making any move. My grandfather's proverb goes something like this..."most people will be careful when crossing a wooden bridge, but the BIG HAND will even be careful when crossing a stone bridge". Consequently people with big hands will be so careful considering all the "ins and outs", going step by step through any issue, they miss a lot of chances to make money. When opportunity knocks, they think about it until the opportunity is gone.

A person with a small hand is generally a bold and daring guy or gal, who are big thinkers. They want to be high flyers and go into things in a big way. They will spare little expense to do what they want, believing in the idiom that 'you have to spend money to make money". These people tend to be risk takers going for a target and if they win, they win big time, however if they lose out, they also lose big time. If and when they win big time, the rewards for their efforts are usually very quickly gone through their spending habits. They might be big earners, but they are just as much big spenders.

The importance of this principle in palmistry is not so much about your own personal fortune, but your success as a partnership. Couples with a one partner with a big hand, and the other partner with a small hand when working together in a business are more likely to be very successful through their synergy. Every challenge, problem and decision they make will be considered with their differing points of view and generally wise decisions made. This relationship also works in a company with a CEO and Finance manager with different size hands.

What is important here is that the synergy of the two people will bring much better financial results than either person could ever achieve by themselves. You can see this principle in practice in many husband/wife business combinations around Malaysia today.

Now let's have a quick look at some other telltale hand features.

Where a person has cone like fingers, particularly common in women, they will tend to be easily bored in their jobs. They find it difficult to work continuously in one job and therefore find it very hard to have a stable career. These people are often big spenders and many end up marrying wealthy husbands. However, their motivation can override this tendency to be bored where they can work within a job successfully.

Where a person's fingers tend to be square, they tend to be precise and cautious. They have an under riding conservatism, don't like to take risks and work consistently. They think long term and are very patient and generally slowly move their way up the corporate ladder. These people may have started off their career as a bottle washer in a restaurant or bank teller and through their persistence end up as the hotel and bank manager at the later part of their careers.

Where a person's finger tips are larger than the rest of the finger, these people generally have lots of ideas, can plan, and have their own way of doing things. These people don't necessarily conform to what others are doing and have lots of energy. These creative people are usually successful with a new venture idea.

Where a person has "boney" fingers, these people are thinkers. However their desire to work hard is low because they see other things as important. The jobs they are motivated to do have little to do with money. These people may make excellent academics and make their money through working in research and development, etc. However many of these people don't get this opportunity and have little success.

As I have been saying in this series, don't look at the size of the hand in isolation, the various lines on your hand also have great influence upon your potential fortune. There are also other signs through the length of fingers, that also provide insights into our personality which we can look at.  I will talk more about these next week.


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Astro Guru Vinod Ji2012-12-27 08:17:05
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