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Super-Duper Oil and Money Scooper! Va-Room! Va-Room! Super-Duper Oil and Money Scooper! Va-Room! Va-Room!
by Leah Sellers
2012-12-05 11:05:22
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Well, Folks !  During the same week that a group of Poor Working Class stiffs were getting told that their apartment building had been condemned, and that they were going to have to leave the premises that very same evening with whatever belongings they could quickly collect into a suitcase (leaving all of their other worldly possessions behind), in order to stay at a motel that had been previously been made available to them in another town down Interstate 35, because the Super-Duper Oil and Money Scooper F1 Races were having their Grand Opening outside of Austin, Texas that same said week, and all other local motels were completely occupied.
Yep, during that very same week in November just a few days away from Thanks-Giving, some of these now newly made Homeless Poor Worker Bees also had to give up their Beloved pets, because of the unnecessarily cruel immediacy of their situation.  They are still mourning the loss of their Family Pets. 
And Children are having to be driven long distance to their Schools and Day Care Centers every morning by shell shocked and stressed out Parents worried about how they are going to put aside enough monies for: moving fees to their new location, security deposits, application fees, first and last month’s rent, utility close-outs at the old condemned location, and utility start-up fees at whatever new location they will hopefully be able find within their needed price range, and within the thirty days (only) that they are being put up at the out of town motel (because the owner of condemned building who wants to tear the old apartment buildings down in order to build new up-scale town homes and condominiums on prime acreage in Georgetown, Texas right across from Southwestern University or sell it off for millions to the people who just this year completed their own up-scale town homes and condominiums right down the hill from the recently condemned older, but affordable for the now Homeless Poor Worker Bees, apartments, is a self-confessed Christian.  Halleluiah !
Now, this same self-confessed Christian Business Man also paid a discounted rate to have a local moving company from yet another small town down Interstate 35 to come in and tear down the yellow tape wrapped around the premises and stairwells of the condemned apartments put up by the Georgetown Police Department in order to keep anyone from getting into the apartments they had already paid money (as they always did each and every month) to live in this November.
After tearing down the Legal “Do Not Enter” Yellow Tape several strong and capable Moving Guys swarmed the condemned premises and set to tagging and boxing everyone’s belongings, and loading them and all of the larger furniture pieces onto three large trucks.
Then they drove the trucks filled with the shell-shocked and very nervous now Homeless Poor Worker Bees worldly possessions to a large warehouse (owned by the moving company), where they proceeded to take everything out of the trucks and stuff them into large wooden crates.
Hopefully, everything got moved and tagged properly, and everything belonging to the now Homeless Poor Worker Bees got placed into the correct crates, separate from everyone else’s possessions. 
Nothing like being left feeling that everything in your once somewhat Ordered Life is left up for grabs.  That you are nothing more than picked over and left over rotting Crow’s Meat.
Of course, while all of this is happening an even (supposedly) greater drama is taking place at the Super-Duper Oil and Money Scooper F1 Race Track outside of Austin.
That’s right, Taxpayers who were coerced (and told) that the Corporate Welfare of 25 million buckaroos was needed to be dumped and flushed into one of Texas’s greatest Oil and Money Pits, were holdin’ the racin’ cars grimy gas fumes high and inhalin’ those toxic gases and Financial Fiasco Attitudes and Platitudes deeply !  Cough, sputter, cough……
While a handful of Vulturistic King and Queen Cons of the Elitist Few, and the Politicians and Law Making Crows held firmly within Their insatiably deep pockets, rake in all of the Pay Day Dough. 
All Hail, the Texas Taxpayers who have so Enriched, and Made Prosper the shady Business Wheelin’s-and-Dealin’s of the Almighty King and Queen Cons, and their cohorts and cronies, of the World !
That’s right !  In all of the fifty States of these divisively, capitalistically competitive United States of America the Taxpayers, through Corporate Welfare (and out-and-out unethical Corporate legal cheating and greed) help to Create and Re-Dis-tribute Wealth to the 1%er Elitist Few each and every day. While Social Programs intended to Benefit, Enrich, and give Life Opportunities for Everyone, All Taxpayers (because even those too poor to pay income taxes pay sales taxes and state taxes of other kinds every time they set foot outside of their doors or climb into their vehicles to go to the store): Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Disability Benefits, Benefits for Children and their Families, Benefits for the Elderly and Eldercare, Education, Scientific Research…etc. get Cut-Up and Sliced and Diced Out because our leaders have spent too much money on or given millions away to Corporations who should be paying their own way or to build monumental football or F1 Race Track stadiums…etc. that Truly Benefit only a Self-Selected, and Other-Perpetuated, Elitist Few within Our Society.
What a Terrible Game we’re all Playin’ Together.  Yippee !
Excuse me, but is that a Heart-wrenching Cry of Desperation of a Starving Child and/or Family of now Homeless Poor Worker Bees We the People hear ?
Good thing We can turn a Deaf Ear. 
It’s so much more preferable to Hear the Mighty Engines and Gaming Audiences roar, sling Our popcorn, hot dogs, soda pops and beer bottles high !  While Watchin’ the Flashy Cars and over inflated Egos whiz and drive on by in perfectly architected, culturally and humanitarianly exhaustive Circles. 
Because the Crows (no offense intended toward Our fine feathered friends) and Senseless Taxpayers do like Shiny things.  Va-Room, Va-Room and Bling !  Ching !  Ching !

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Emanuel Paparella2012-12-05 13:17:48
Meanwhile the "job creator" Mitt Romney has gone back to corporate life to purse his favored pastime: to make money. He mentioned during the campaign that he loved American cars like his father. Now he just acquired an Audi made in Slovakia. Which means that the was ready and willing to say anything to become president. What a surreal insane world we live in.

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