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Life In The Age Of Extinctions Life In The Age Of Extinctions
by The Ovi Team
2012-12-02 11:50:23
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When we started the Ovi bookshop we aimed to reach people in variety of themes and interests. Six years after and life_cover_400_01 forty-five books we have had thousands of downloads and thousands copies of our books are part of EBooks collections all around the world. I know it sounds weird but I was so proud when browsing in the internet one day I found six of our books in one of those torrent/sharing files sites. I know, I know it is illegal and all that but the same time in a very strange way, it proves that we are doing something right and that there are people out there who haven’t realize that all our publications – just like everything else – is for free but they feel that they are worth to have even if that means crossing certain lines. Strange how controversial things can make you proud.

You all know David; you have read his poems, his ideas. And he has managed to communicate with his words, his heart and his spirit with all of you. Now David Sparenberg is publishing a book with Ovi magazine reaching out and communicating with more hearts and souls.

Prolonging David’s book I wrote: “David says that there is hope. As long we connect our spirits and open our minds, remembering the forgotten calling. Remembering that we are all fundamentally connected with Mother Earth. And it doesn’t matter how much you agree or disagree, David starts the dialogue and with your participation you are already culturally connected. The rest …we can do it together.”

And David Sparenberg’s “Life In The Age Of Extinctions” is such a calling. Read his book, take a slow breathe and start the dialogue with David and yourself just like he’s calling you to do.

Thanos Kalamidas

You can download David's book, HERE! You just click on the name and the download starts automatically.

I thought since it is David Sparenberg’s ...special day to add in this introduction his latest thoughts.


A person does not stand on their opinions, unless this person is a fool. What are opinions?  The nearest thing to nothing.  Opinions are often obese and generally feed on junk food.  They are but dust in the wind, and blown apart more frequently than changing weather.

But there comes a time in life, a point Archimedean, when, I believe, a person stands upon convictions.  By this, not principles out of cold abstractions; no, not carvings of dead stuff; but a kind of feeling-philosophy, a light threaded into the DNA of identity, gathered in hindsight from the experience of being alive over duration of a certain measure of space and time.

And when convictions are fueled through truth-force, infusing a poetic of solar energy, one stands in strength, alert, and sustained by courage.

Truly, I will say, the two legs, the spine, and with the face facing into this condition of existence—these physical realities are at the root of human dignity.  Within this context, to stand up—to show one’s face, to open one’s voice—this is the first expression of an intention.

And within this intention, or the intention of being human which I envision, emerge, in writhing out of dreamtime, the lightning tongued serpents of Aesclepius, and in the sharing of a healing dream, the extension that is movement is a movement unto freedom.

Toward our transformations, when they are such—oh have you not dreamed and felt this also?—creation turns in the mutuality of longing, awaiting liberation.  Standing, as power, when we do, in the valley of fate, in the narrow defiance of the mountain of promise.

David Sparenberg
28 November 2012

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Alan2012-12-01 12:10:56
Congratulations Mr. David Sparenberg

Had a quick look excellent work

Emanuel Paparella2012-12-01 13:28:15
I wish to thank David Sparenberg for gifting the Ovi readership by generously sharing his visionary thoughts, and Thanos Kalamidas and all the other editors of Ovi for providing a megaphone by which David's prophetic voice, so urgently needed in our tragic times, can better be amplified.

Anybody who reads this book will not be disappointed as long as they take care that the reading is accompanied by serious reflection on Sparenberg’s aphorisms.

Since the very beginning of his welcome into the Ovi family, I have been impressed with my friend David’s holistic poetic visionary approach in describing the ecological plight of Mother Earth. I was immediately brought back to two other prophetic voices on which I have written in Ovi: Teihlard de Chardin (“Building the Earth) and Thomas Berry’s (Dream of the Earth) who went beyond rational philosophical concerns to existential concerns impinging on our very survival, and I thought to myself: this is exactly what is needed to reinforce and complement those former voices, concerns and aspirations.

As Thanos intimates in his introductory reflections on spirituality, Ovi is a special kind of magazine because it gives space not only to political economic discourse, or intellectual history, or scientific explorations, but also to spirituality in the best sense of that often abused word. It has an extra dimension that hints at the transcendence which other publications more narrowly focused on a category or genre or an issue simply lack. It is that everlasting call to the transcendent with which human nature seems to be imbued, which urges Ovi readers to go beyond the stock market or soccer games or the latest Machiavellian games of our politicians and be more concerned with what is the highest that the human mind and the human soul can aspire to and achieve, for indeed as Socrates well taught us, the unexamined life is not worth living. David is undoubtedly integral part of that transcendent dimension of Ovi. Now, let those who have ears, let them hear.

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