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The National Animal Farm Rodeo! The National Animal Farm Rodeo!
by Leah Sellers
2012-11-30 11:54:16
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“Ole Mitch McConnell ran an Animal Farm
Ee-I-ee-heave-ho !
And on this Animal Farm
He had a Barn full of Bulls
(and an occasional heifer)
Moo-oh-Moo-lah-oh !

They swore to break some horns here
And spill some milk there
Break it here - spill it there
Me-oh-Me-Oh-My !
And McConnell’s Buddy
Farmer Grover Norquist
Lobbied the Tea Party/Republicans
To Sign (in Blood) his Anti-Tax Pledge
With - No Taxes here !
And - No Taxes there !
Blitz the Taxes - Nix the Taxes !
Run all over Old Battleaxes !
Pledge to push the American Economy to the very Edge
Push it over the Fiscal Ledge
With the Norquist Nation Destructive - No Tax Pledge !
No Fiscal Bail !
Ring-ching-ching-No Sale !
No Sale-ee-ale-ee-oh !
Then, President Obama got Re-Elected
Leaving Romney, Boehner, McConnell and Norquist (and others)
Bitin’ nails and ponderin’,
“Why weren’t the Ruling Class Republicans selected ?”
The Many stood up against the falsely Preferential and Austere Wishes
Of the Almighty 1%er Few
Pee-u-Pee-u-Pee-U !
We the People spoke out against
Unfair Playing Fields
And all too exorbitant High Yields
Stolen from the meager Pockets
And off of the Hard Workin’ Backs of the Middle Class
And the Workin’ Poor
So, We the People showed ’em the Door
Seekin’ to Even the Score
No More - No Less - No More !
So, now All American Eyes
Are Watchin’ and Waitin’
To See Politicians politicin’
Compromisin’ and Takin‘-a-Lickin’
While tryin’ to keep the Economic Heart of the Nation a-tickin’
Tic-toc-tic-toc-ee-oh !
Yep, All of the Animals
In the Nationalized American Animal Farm
(that are not stampedin’ or yella‘-bellied Secedin’)
Are waitin’ with baited breath
While Wall Streeters tantrumin’ algorithms
Bounce Up-and-Down, Side-ways
And Ever-which-a-ways
All mopin’, hopin’ and dysfunctionally copin’
With the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
And Revelations of Economic Escalations
And Monetary Crashes and Middle Class
Hesitations and Fiscal Devastations
It’s a Wild West (East, North and South)
Ro-dee-oh-dee-oh !
Good Luck to the Lame Duck
Political Hacks and Know-It-All Quacks
Tryin’ to preserve the Nationally detrimental Status Quo
Obama, and his Political Minions
Are stickin’ to and with their
“We the People” Beliefs and Opinions
So, let’s get Goin’ !
Hop aboard and get to Rodeoin’
Get ready for a long, hard Ride
Get your Spurs on and Choose your Side
“Cause the Animal Farm Rodeo
Is on the Go !
And It promises to Be
One Heck of a Wild Ro-dee-oh-dee-Show !

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