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Questions For/From God ? Questions For/From God ?
by Leah Sellers
2012-11-21 10:52:03
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Is that You inside the brilliant Rainbow sparkle
Of the Tear sliding down my Cheek ?
Is that You in the rush of Traffic -
The bustling mayhem of Humanity in the streets ?

Is that You Winking at Sunset
Horizontally amused by the meanderings of the Day's Events ?
Is that You in the garbage collector's unexpected Smile ?
Or the Baby's coo - in each and every average Precious Moment ?
Is that You gently lifting the Bird's Wings
So it can soar into the Wild Blue Yonder until it disappears ?
Is that you Singing in the Seashell evoking Ancient Siren's Voices
And Memories of awe inspiring Atlantean visages once held dear ?
Is that You in the lines of my Face and Hands ?
You in the Ideals I cherish most ?
Is that You in the Book that Breathes Life into the Father Almighty,
His Loving Son and the Rapturous Holy Ghost ?
Is that You ?
Is that You in the Questioning Questioner ?
Are You the very Energetic Cosmological Essence
Of the Forces of Causation of and from the Question ItSelf ?
Making the Question, the Questioning, the Questioner
All Living, kinetically thriving things ?
Are You the Essential Particle
From which all Things Great and Small spring ?
From which all Black Holes, Worm Holes, Multiverses and Beyond
Burgeon Forth and Sing ?
Is that You ?
When I teeter on my tippy-toes
While stretching and smiling up high into the Starry Sky
And sway to-and-fro to Gravitational Breezes and Quasar Gales
My Consciousness expanding and seeping into Time/Space as black as ink  
While observing the Watcher Watch Fire Flies Cosmically Blink,
Slip and slide, zip and dive
While hearing the Hearer Hear Angels Sing on flutterby wings
And Demons howl beneath hooded cowls
A swirling Galactic Whirl Pool push-pulling
A perpetually noisy Cosmic Cacophony
Is that Me ?
Is that You ?
Is that Me/You ?
The Question ?  The Questioning ?  The Questioner ?
The Quest ?  The Questing ?  The Quester ?
The Fire Fly Sky ? The Cosmic Blink and Wink ?
The Me/You ?
Me/You ?
You ?

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Emanuel Paparella2012-11-21 17:04:23
Thanks for sharing this wonderful expression of the human search for God, Leah. That incessant search for something even greater and more real than the universe itself seems to be inherent to the human condition, even if at times it takes the form of the peregrinations of a Ulysses or a Dante or a Bloom. It is the “existential angst,” predicated on freedom of choice, the journey and destiny for which the human being is born and from which he/she cannot escape, he/she can only run away from it, and the more he/she runs the more the search becomes imperative, the more idolatrous sophisticated substitutions are needed: pleasure, adventure, art, philosophy, fame, wealth, domination.

G.K. Chesterton wrote that when he was young, he read Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and became convinced that mankind was glorious. Later on in life, he read H.L. Mencken and agreed that humankind is a collection of "boobs." He then drew the conclusion that humankind is a collection of "glorious boobs," i.e. glorious but flawed. Chesterton then goes on to write that he soon realized that he had stumbled upon the Christian doctrine on original sin; namely, that human nature is truly good, but flawed.

I suppose only poetry and its inherent symbolism can point to and do justice to the mystery that is God and the existential dread that is man. Aristotle or Plato’s ideas on God are not sufficient even when definitions such as “the first cause” or “the unmovable mover” satisfy our human rationality. To call God “everything that exists” and attempt to encapsulate and define him is to forget his transcendence and end up with pantheism. If transcendence is overlooked, idolatry and narcissism inevitably ensue and then humans get busy in setting up another religion under the aegis of New Age or Spirituality. That, unfortunately, is the condition of modern man in search of soul; a sad condition indeed but not unredeemable. All that the human needs to do to begin the process of healing is to remember that he is on a journey and home beckons and it is not necessarily a place in time and space. The journey is only a metaphor or an archetype.

Mirella Ionta2013-02-02 20:58:42
I love this "finding God" poetry. It is so medieval, my favorite historical period. I hope that you write more about your search for God and your relationship with him. Writing spiritual poetry, praying, and rendering austere services can all help to develop your relation with Him. You may become inspired by several works that were written in the Middle Ages, but it seems that you have enough life experience to ponder and note down inspiring words yourself!

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